75% Oppose Letting Convicted Felons to Vote While in Prison

Democrats are so desperate to win elections that they have been proposing to allow all convicted felons along with every non-citizen to vote.

Felony convictions have long carried life-long penalties including the loss of the right to vote, own, purchase a firearm and the right to hold certain jobs or hold certain professional licenses.

Bernie Sanders wants to go one step further by allowing convicted felons still in prison to vote.

A recent poll was taken that revealed that 75% of Americans opposed allowing convicted felons still in prison to vote in any election.

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Breitbart – Poll: 3-in-4 Americans Oppose Allowing Convicted Felons to Vote from Prison – About 3-in-4 American voters oppose a plan by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and other elected Democrats to allow convicted felons in local, state, and federal prisons to vote in federal elections from their jail cells, a new poll finds.

The latest Business Insider/SurveyMonkey poll finds that about 75 percent of Americans, or three-in-four, oppose a plan by Democrats to allow all convicted felons, including those currently serving time in prison, to vote in federal elections.

Only about 15 percent of Americans, or about three-in-20, said they supported giving voting rights to convicted felons that would allow them to vote from their prison cells. Likewise, only about 20 percent of Americans said they would support allowing non-violent felons to vote from prison…

The idea of allowing convicted felons to vote is not only wrong but it’s hypocritical in that the same Democrats don’t want to give convicted felons their Second Amendment rights.

Democrats know that they cannot win control of the White House and Senate without turning to such drastic measures as rampant voter fraud, election rigging, lax voter registration, opposition to voter ID laws and allowing the thousands of convicted felons still in prison to vote.

Don’t forget that another 2020 Democratic candidate, Beto O’Rourke is the one pushing to allow all non-citizens to vote.

Since there are an estimated 15-20 million illegal aliens in the nation and that there are hundreds of thousands of convicted felons in and out of prison, it would insure the Democrats of winning control of the nation and the final destruction of America.



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