7 Reasons You Should Not be Supporting the Blob (Migrant Caravan)

I read, what I believe, a fake story on Facebook about a pastor who supposedly joined the Caravan in Mexico to “supposedly” find out if it was worth supporting or not. Apparently, he made friends, hung with “families” and will forever be supporting the “blob” because Jesus talked of welcoming the “stranger” into your lands.

All of his facts, seemed really off.

Likewise others have released video feeds and reports on who is in the caravan and what their behaviour is like. These vids and reports are strikingly different from this “pastor’s” diary. I wouldn’t, for a second, believe this is reality. I think it’s another false narrative, or , someone “roofied” the poor guy as he plodded along with the group singing “We are the World”.

Nonetheless, Christians everywhere throw aside scriptures about obeying the laws of the land, for a fluffier, “let love lead the way” (pipe in the sitar music and dancing hippies).

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Well, if you love the US, and the children of the US. If you believe the US is a good place to live. If you believe God has blessed us with a land that we need to be good stewards over, to allow those who really need help to come into and reap the rewards of a law abiding, God fearing nation…..then read on!

Why we should be very suspicious of the caravan; even afraid of it.

  1. CNN  supports it.

We are talking about a news (term used ultra lightly here) source that has done everything in its power to disrupt any attempts to climb out of the massive hole created by eight years of “Obamacide”. They have spliced audio clips, doctored video interviews and outright created fake middle eastern storyboards to pull the leftest wool over the eyes of North America, and the world. We just witnessed the reinstatement of Jim Acosta, their chief White House correspondent, who has made it his only goal in life, to belittle a president who has led the US back into a prosperous era, under God.

Beware of absolute anything that comes from CNN.

  1. People without Borders is helping the Blob along.

Those of you who are up on your “end times” theology, should already know that the goal of the Enemy, is a one world government; ultimate control over the people. Just say this with me once out loud, “people without borders.”

This is an organization which wants to become a major cog in the wheel of erasing borders. If “People without borders” is alongside this caravan (leading and feeding), then they are doing so because this is a movement that agrees with their motto of no borders. Be afraid!

  1.   Antagonist Mexico is calling the Blob “…..a bunch of bums”.

Mexico has been outspokenly anti-Trump; anti-wall. Mexico’s law enforcement and government is infamously corrupt. But even the Mexicans cannot handle this group moving through their country. Mexicans by nature are fairly laid-back. But whatever the caravan is doing, is enough for the locals to throw rocks or bricks at the “Blob” moving through Mexico. Tijuana’s mayor did not embrace his neighbouring latinos, but instead called them a bunch of “bums”. If Mexico is concerned, so should we be.

4.   Flags at the front of the line.

I believe it was Trump, who said, that the fact the very people at the very front of the caravan, were carrying their home country’s flags , pointed to an attitude of invasion, not immigration.

Let’s just be frank here, this is not, “knock knock, can we come in”,

this is “Smash smash!! We’re coming in!!”

Let’s make an allegory here shall we? Someone comes to my door for help. They knock on the door, explain what their woe is, and I make, a now informed decision, on whether to let you in to my house, based on what you just told me. I need to be careful, I have kids!

The next day, I hear someone at my door, trying to kick it in. Before I pull out my Glock 8, and send them to the judgement seat, I’ve already determined, that because they haven’t knocked politely, explained their scenario, and waited for me to give them the benefits of their waiting, then this leaves me with only this thought, “they are going to hurt my family.” This is real reasonable deduction, in this Twenty-first Century. You can bet that I’d win in court with this.

5.    95% of the Blob is young-ish men.

Now before you get all teary eyed and start to badly exegete some passage of scripture about “the stranger in the land”, know this: 95% of this blob, is comprised of healthy young men, not women and children.

Yes there are women and children in the crowd. Some families here and there, but the bulk (by far) are younger, healthy males. Does this sound familiar to you? It should. Syria? Germany? Ringing a bell for you yet?

When the Syrian Blob plowed through Europe, it left a path of destruction in its wake. The people in local towns stayed indoors. Local tourist attractions vandalized. A whirlwind of garbage wherever The Blob had moved over. Most of The Blob was what? Healthy, younger men.

Now Germany has to put signs up that “rape is un-acceptable!”, and for women “not go out at night” (the same in Scandinavia). Chancellor Merkyl, who at one time was very pro border and sovereignty, seems to have had a brain transplant with a Magpie, and welcomed the blob in with open arms. Even asking for more for the state to support.

Point to ponder, Germany is the financial capital of Europe, and all the Islamic “refugees” insisted on being there.

This caravan, at one point, actually put its children and pregnant women at the front of the blob, when approaching borders they wanted through. Hmmmm.

6.    Video footage of them breaking down boarder walls.

There is a ferocity seen in the video clips of the blob forcing their way through boarders. They are breaking fences, climbing walls and throwing rocks at those on the other side. Again, it’s not a “knock knock, can we come in?” it’s a “smash, smash!! We are coming in, whether you like it or not!”

Why? Why do they want to force their way in? Why not sit and wait for the US to get them and grant them entry? I mean, they essentially are telling Joe Taxpayer, “we are coming in, and you are going to foot the bill whether you like it or not!” It’s a spirit of entitlement.

Millions of “now American citizens” at one time or another had to go through the gauntlet of immigration (much better now than it was). They waited; they paid their dues. Properly channeled law abiding new Americans should be furious at the Blob as it tries to skip past the legal prerequisites of becoming an American.

Think about this: the very first action they are taking on the soil of a country that can offer them a better life, is to break their boarder laws. What kind of citizens would these people be? Their very first action was to spit at the sovereignty related laws of the country that will feed their families for generations to come. Do you think that means they will obey the lesser municipal and civil laws of the US. Actually, the crime statistics, tell us “no!”

7.    People are hiding in the Blob.

Like I said, If they had a legitimate claim, they would suffer the waiting period and go through the process. The fact they don’t shows there’re a number of individuals who don’t want the Gov to know who they are.

This may be, most of the blob in fact. They actually don’t want the US to know that they are not who they say they are. Most, are probably not refugees. In fact, it is widely spoken that there are criminals and even jihadists in the group. Yes jihadists! Mexico has long been an entry point for the decrepit jihadists to enter the US.

Criminals, are like dog poop on the trail. If enough people walk the trail, someone is going to get dog poop stick in the tread of their shoes and then take it into their house. Remember this, no matter what your ideas were about how or why 9-11 happened, it only took nineteen people to strike terror into the hearts of Americans nation wide.

With this, America is still willing to look at who comes to the border and properly process those who indeed are eligible. I mean personally, I hope the persecuted and seriously endangered, are indeed vetted and given a chance to a new start. But if people are aggressively pushing through, the legal restrictions of the US of A, that tells everything about who they are and if they have legitimate claims to becoming Americans or not.


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JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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