New Proposed Law Imposes LGBT Agendas on Religious Organizations

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A Pennsylvania proposed law would impose LGBT agendas on religious organizations.

Mat Staver: Jonathan, you were at this particular hearing in Pennsylvania, and you presented testimony in opposition to this proposed law. Tell us about it.

Jonathan Alexandre: So this law comes, or this proposed law comes in the context of Governor Wolf, in various stages of the legislature, introducing what we refer to as “bathroom bills” — bills that will ultimately strip away privacy rights in allowing males, anatomical males, to enter into women’s bathrooms. But it also goes a step further in that it requires churches and religious organizations to hire employees that may not have the same beliefs and behavior when it comes to the LGBT agenda, when it comes to sexual orientation or gender identity.

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So I presented testimony alongside Family Policy Council in Pennsylvania, as well as Alliance Defending Freedom, emphasizing different areas this law would impact, and why ultimately churches in Pennsylvania and religious organizations should be aware of it. Trying to stop further proposals like this…

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