University of South Alabama Announces Warped Transgender Policy

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The University of South Alabama has gone crazy! The day before school they ultimately announce this new “so-called” transgender policy.

Mat Staver: Holly, you received, we received at Liberty Counsel, an email from a concerned parent saying that the day before school at the University of South Alabama, they have now been told that the policy is being changed and they’re implementing a “so-called” transgender policy, that literally, in print, on their own web page says that boys can use the women’s facilities and vice versa, and they have a right to do so.

This policy is being initiated in an effort to create a more inclusive community and to comply with Title IX guidance recently issued by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice. The University of South Alabama is required to allow individuals to use the restroom or changing facility that is consistent with their gender identity and applies to all University of South Alabama employees, students, staff and visitors.

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It also applies to all University of South Alabama properties, including the main campus, the health system and the satellite campuses. This policy is important in ensuring that the University of South Alabama community be an inclusive space for all employees, students, staff and visitors.

Holly Meade: Yea this father is distraught, as you can imagine. His child is a sophomore there, received an email from the Associate Dean this school had recently put in place the edict that the entire campus would adhere to the guidance…put out by the Department of Education…


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