What If Trump Is the Democrats’ Manchurian Candidate?

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What if…

What if Donald Trump isn’t the prat-falling carnival buffoon he appears to be? What if he isn’t really making unforced errors? What if he’s not really his own worst enemy?

What if everything Trump does, he does on purpose with full understanding of how bad the consequences will be for his campaign for president?

If you think this self-immolation to be unlikely, ask yourself a few more questions:

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Could the man whose No. 1 claim to success as explained in the title of his book “The Art of the Deal” really not realize the things he says and does are killing the biggest deal of his life?

Would The Donald have been so gratuitously insulting to so many people if he really wanted their support at the polls? What successful businessman believes he can build his customer base by treating the very people he needs to buy his spiel as if they are enemies worthy of his vicious tongue?

What if Trump’s outrageous behavior is entirely intentional. If so, the question that raises is: “Why?”

Either he is utterly clueless and fatally counterproductive, or he does it on purpose. The first option would mean this man is stupid. But it’s difficult to build fortunes, large or small, on stupidity.

What if the second option is more likely? That would mean Trump does things to inflict damage on his campaign on purpose, knowing the reaction will be more adverse than favorable.

That raises the next question. Again, “Why?”

Yours truly has suspected from Day 1 that Trump, a long-time Democrat, was urged by Democrats to run as a Republican expressly to sabotage the GOP. At the rate he’s killing himself in the polls, Trump ought to entirely implode about a week before the election. Gee, who stands to gain?

Here’s another question: if you wanted to hurt the Republicans’ chances in 2016 and help the otherwise unelectable Hillary Clinton to win, who would you urge to run for the GOP nomination that would have a better chance of sabotaging the Republican Party than Donald Trump?

Trump the Trojan horse benefits Hillary, to whom he has previously shown strong support, financially and with his endorsement. Suddenly he can’t stand her? Really?

The political pundits who don’t buy into this Trojan Horse theory give Trump the benefit of the doubt, as if he’s managed to reach a ripe old age and amass a fortune, or near-fortune, yet somehow never mastered the art of diplomacy or tact. He can’t even keep his mouth shut when that would help.

How is it someone who’s life’s accomplishment is the art of the deal could be so clueless as to the effectiveness of give and take? How does someone who boasts that he always gets the best results instead reflexively opt immediately for self-destruction by saying and doing the most outrageous things, as if they won’t have dire consequences?

What if Trump is the Democrats’ Manchurian candidate?

This unpleasant possibility unfortunately explains Trump’s refusal to tone down, to even take a breath or otherwise listen to the counsel of Republican campaign veterans who increasingly grimace and flinch with his never-ending gaffs.

The Trojan Horse/Manchurian candidate theory sadly is the best explanation for Trump knowing precisely what he’s doing and doing it precisely for the results he’s getting.

Political observers now report almost daily that Trump is his own worst enemy by saying yet something else entirely thoughtless or counterproductive. They scratch their heads wondering why he doesn’t stop digging that hole. Then he ridicules the mother of a dead American war hero. Then he kicks a mother and baby out of his campaign rally.

Why the continual unforced gaffes sending his handlers into damage control mode and scaring off financial donors? Why just as he gains ground in the polls does he do stupid stuff to derail the momentum?

Is all this because Trump plans to bury his campaign in that hole he keeps digging? Did he hint at it when he recently declared the election is fixed?

What if the election is fixed, but not because of fraudulent Democratic voter registration or stuffed ballot boxes? What if Donald Trump has fixed it?

What if the fix now approaches the imploding point at which it’s too late for Republicans to do anything about it?

You may ask, “What’s Trump stand to gain?”

What does he lust for more than anything else? Publicity. His name before the world.

What if bad publicity is exactly what hucksters claim it is: better than no publicity at all. How else could he have gotten billions of dollars of free media exposure for his name, which doubles as his brand?

For years, pundits complained that Barack Obama was incompetent because so much of what he did was destructive to the nation. It’s apparent to just about everyone today that Obama was highly competent. The destruction he wrought was fully intended. He knew precisely what he was doing, even though it appeared counterintuitive to people who expected improvement, not destruction.

What if Donald Trump isn’t an oaf? What if what’s happening is precisely what he intended?

Just sayin’…

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Mark Landsbaum
Mark Landsbaum is a Christian husband, father, grandfather and journalist who has written for a living for 43 years, ever since discovering he had no particular talents. He can be found on Facebook, Linkedin, and in the archives of the Orange County Register where he wrote another column for 10 years. He can be reached at Mark.Landsbaum@gmail.com.

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