Kim Davis Case Finally Comes to an End

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The Kim Davis case finally comes to an end. Kim Davis not only is responsible for a new law in Kentucky, but the case has now ultimately concluded, thanks to your prayers.

Mat Staver: Matt, the Kim Davis story…almost a year ago when this happened. In fact it is about a year ago because the Supreme Court of the United States in 5 – 4 opinion on June 26, 2015, issued this outlandish opinion trying to redefine marriage, and within two months of that, Kim Davis found herself in jail.

She refused to issue a marriage license using her name and authority and her title, that would ultimately conflict with God’s definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The ACLU came after her and she ended up spending six days in jail. But as a result of her stand and this litigation, lots of good things have happened and just about a week ago this case has finally concluded.

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It’s an example, Matt, of standing up for right and what can ultimately happen when you do what’s right.

Matt Barber: Well, the ACLU, the homosexual activist lobby, they intended to make an example out of Kim Davis. And they ended up really making kind of a hero out of her… 

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