Bill and Loretta’s Tête-à-Tête Destroys Any Shred of Impartiality

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The Hillary Clinton campaign for president is beginning to spin out of control. On Friday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch had to tell the world that she will honor whatever the FBI and career Department of Justice investigators decide to do about Clinton’s scandalous email and corruption investigation.

Just as a reminder, yours truly predicted long ago that the Obama Administration would find a way to dump Hillary as the Democratic nominee and replace her with the even further-to-the-left Elizabeth Warren. The reasons for that are numerous, not the least of which is that the Obamas and Clintons detest each other.

Now, it seems, Bill Clinton may have given Obama the excuse to do just that. By outrageously waiting for Lynch’s private plane to land in Phoenix, then walking aboard ostensibly to talk about grandchildren and such, Bill created such an obvious appearance of conflict of interest that Lynch could not withstand the criticism, which came even from her own party.

Under the best of circumstances, Lynch’s impartiality was highly questionable. She has politicized every major case she’s touched. Now with this behind-the-cockpit conference with Bill, there’s no denying her impartiality is ruined as far as Hillary’s investigation.

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All of this is just too delicious. It’s like a really over-the-top episode from the TV series House of Cards, which depending on how much you know about politics, is either a spot-on depiction of the Democratic Party’s devious mechanizations, or a bit of an exaggeration.

But the real-life case may turn out to be even better, and more entertaining, particularly for those who have been waiting decades for the Clintons to get their comeuppance.

Lynch’s announcement Friday raises a host of delightful questions that should keep the chattering classes chattering all summer, if not beyond.

First, did Bill go into Lynch’s plane with Hillary’s knowledge and consent? Bill and Hillary are both lawyers, and obviously seasoned politicians so both should have foreseen the problems such a meeting would create. Perhaps an explanation is that Bill’s a lawyer who was disbarred for lying under oath, and Hillary’s a lawyer who failed her bar exam at first, and her attorney boss on a Watergate investigative committee said he fired her for unethical behavior. So, it’s possible both Clintons are stupid enough and/or brazen enough to have believed this meeting with Lynch was worth the risk.

But what if Bill went on his own without consulting his wife? If their personal relationship is as volatile as multiple biographers claim, can’t you imagine how Hillary will hit the fan when Billy comes home?

What if Bill went after consulting with Hillary even though she advised against it? Wow. If so, she may throw more than a lamp, book and Bible, as she reportedly already has in their tumultuous marriage.

How about this? Bill purposely did this to scuttle Hillary’s campaign. It wouldn’t be the first time he appears to purposely undermine her. Maybe it’s payback for all the lamps, books and Bibles she’s thrown at him over the years.

But what if Bill went to meet Lynch doing Hillary’s bidding and now takes this opportunity to plead, “Hillary made me do it”? This might be the most damaging, albeit least likely to be admitted out loud (although perhaps very likely to be true). Do you think it unlikely Bill would say such a thing about his bride? Why? Ask yourself who you think Bill’s loved more, Hillary or his long parade of mistresses?

Then there’s a scenario that would make the screenwriters at House of Cards proud: Could it be that Bill was lured onto that parked jet? Did Lynch or one of her operatives suggest in back channels that it might be worth his while to meet her behind closed doors on the tarmac? Granted, this is the farthest-fetched of the motivations for Bill. But consider this: If Obama wanted to jettison the Clintons and expects the FBI and DOJ investigators to recommend indictment, wouldn’t this get Obama off the hook? He can say it’s Bill’s fault that the administration had to pull back and couldn’t protect him by rejecting the indictment recommendation. What a tidy out for Obama. What a clean fix to the Clinton mess. I can see Warren in the wings rubbing her hands in anticipation.

There’s also this less gratifying possibility: Has Lynch already interceded to make it clear to subordinates that they must not under any circumstances indict Hillary? If so, Lynch stepping aside would shield her and Obama from criticism as the underlings take the blame for clearing Clinton.

Equally unsatisfactory is the possibility that Lynch already knows the recommendation will be to not indict, without the need for her or Obama’s intercession. The investigators may be careerists, but even careerists can figure out it’s unwise to bite the hand that feeds them their paychecks, promotions and pensions.

Now, here’s a factor to consider in all these equations: what does Hillary have on all the players in this drama, and don’t you think she’ll use every under-handed, vicious means of coercing the administration to prevent her indictment? This is the option most like the House of Cards TV series, which is why the House of Cards TV series is the closest thing on television to actual Democratic politics.

There’s at least one other possibility. Lynch’s announcement Friday was merely a sign of integrity from the Obama Administration. (OK, OK, I was kidding about that last one.)

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Mark Landsbaum
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