NYC Commission Attempts to Fine Freedom of Speech

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The New York City Commission on Human Rights has absolutely lost its mind. They’re considering imposing fines on individuals for refusal to use a certain preferred personal pronoun.

Mat Staver: This is right out of “Orwellianism,” Matt, with regards to the New York City Commission on Human Rights. They are now considering passing a law that would fine people up to six figures and more — over $125K — if you do not use a preferred gender-neutral pronoun, like “ze” or “hir” to someone who wants to have that pronoun be applied to “it.”

Matt Barber: There’s this long list of these made-up pronouns…like a bunch of kids get together and make up a pretend language. It’s like straight from Mars. They expect everyone to learn it and call people “Ze” …”Hir”… But beyond that, for landlords, for business professionals, for businesses, if an employee, if you work in a place and somebody who’s clearly a man — the 6’4″ guy in a mini-skirt with calves like Schwarzenegger and adams apple the size of a golf ball and a 5 o’clock shadow says “Yea…my name is Mrs. Jones.” If you say, “No Bob. You’re still Bob, you’ve always been Bob, Mr. Jones…”

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