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Our guest today is Janet Boynes, founder of Janet Boynes Ministries. she has a powerful testimony about how she was raised in a family with multiple fathers, was sexually abused, ultimately — on the eve of being married to a man — went into a same-sex lesbian lifestyle, and left that intended marriage with the man, and was involved in a same-sex relationship for a number of years.

Then she met, at an amazing time, 3:00 in the morning at a grocery store, a woman who… was a Christian and invited her to come to her church.

Mat Staver: Janet, pick us up with where we are know. You are a mom or dad, a sibling, whatever, and your son or daughter begins to have involvement in a same-sex lifestyle. Or they may begin to have feelings, same-sex attractions, but they may not have acted on that yet.

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How do you counsel parents to deal with that situation and also pastors? What can pastors do?


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