‘Imbeciles,’ Sterilization, and Cultural Deception

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I’m reading a fascinating book, it’s entitled, “Imbeciles.” It has a subtitle as well. It’s about the United States Supreme Court decision, Buck vs Bell, that was decided in the late 1920’s. And the issue was forced sterilization of Carrie Buck in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It is startling how widespread this issue was around the country. Adopted by all the various agencies and professional associations, law and medicine, and made it’s way all the way to the United States Supreme Court. It is a startling reminder of how cultures can be deceived and how later history can look back, scratch your head and say “What in the world were they thinking?”

Mat Staver: Let me begin by just setting the groundwork, then we want to dig in to show how deeply this spread. Carrie Buck was in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She was taken into custody and put into a facility for people who would be considered “those who were less desirable.”

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They wanted to hold these individuals, against their will, until they reached the age where they were no longer childbearing.


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