Allowing Men into Girl’s Bathrooms Defies Reality and Common Sense

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The flap over the North Carolina law, and the other similar laws, with regards to men using women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms, defies reality and common sense.

Mat Staver: Before we talk about the specifics of North Carolina and these other things taking place around the country. Holly, you received information from a pastor that you know, and he spoke of a new statement that came from the Montreat Conference Center. Tell us about it.

Holly Meade: Yea absolutely. My friend attended Yale University, which, by the way, along with many other major universities, was founded on Christian principles. And he said this statement which was eye opening. The Montreat Conference Center which is based there in Montreat, North Carolina, always stated to be a Christian center, he says:

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It started over 35 years ago. Homosexuals made a pact to take control of the mainline churches and state legislatures. I sat in on the meetings at Yale, heard it all, now it’s a reality. Just read this statement by Montreat Conference Center, long-associated with the mainline Presbyterian Church. 

“The North Carolina law is shocking, demeaning, against the Gospel. It’s beyond imagination. Men who think they’re women can’t use the ladies room.”

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