Target Has Just Painted a Target on Women and Children

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Target has just painted a target on women and children — those who use their facilities where they might have privacy, no longer do.

Mat Staver: You know this issue in Target stores, where they have literally painted a bullseye, if you will, on women and children who go into the changing facilities, or to the restrooms. They now say that they will allow men or boys to enter into these private facilities and they’re able to do that simply because they identify in their mind, whether correctly or not, that they are a “woman.” So they have literally put every woman and every young girl at risk in these Target facilities. No wonder why the boycotts against Target are resonating with people around the country.

Liberty Counsel’s also involved in a boycott and a petition drive.

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Matt Barber: Yea Mat, has a great analysis that summarizes, just the top 20 from their perspective infamous assaults, sexual assaults, in the Target stores. And so how does Target react to this? By making it a more hostile environment and more dangerous for women and children… 

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