LC President Anita Staver Made News with Tweet

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Liberty Counsel President Anita Staver has recently been in the news over a tweet she sent about taking her weapon to the restroom. Some of the media have intentionally distorted what she meant in the tweet.

Mat Staver: Matt, you do a lot of tweeting, you received Anita’s tweet…read it to us.

Matt Barber: Anita’s twitter handle, @AnitaStaver…she says:

Which I just loved! And then she has the hashtag #BoycottTarget because of the ongoing boycott of Target over their opening up their restrooms to potential sexual predators. Well, of course the media and the homosexual activist left and others are completely misrepresenting what Anita said. Somebody else responded to her, basically saying, “Hey are you threatening trans people?”

And then she subsequently, Anita did, tweeted:

And she says in another tweet:

That’s just from one article, way more than five times where transgenders — self-identified transgenders –have committed sexual assault in the restrooms and so forth. We know of dozens and dozens of instances where men have abused women in changing areas…

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