Houston DA Office Shows History of Bias Supporting Planned Parenthood

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Mat Staver: Matt, we know that in the past, this same district attorney’s office was asked to investigate a doctor by the name of Douglas Karpen. This individual, according to people who have knowledge, actually not only aborted children, but after the children were born alive, he allegedly took his hands and twisted off their heads while they were alive in order to kill them. And yet, this abortionist was never indicted.

And the attorney, by the way, who represented that abortionist, later gave more than $25K to District Attorney Devon Anderson’s campaign for re-election.

This is the same district attorney’s office that chose again not to indict Planned Parenthood, but instead chose to indict the whistleblowers, the undercover journalist investigators, David Daleiden and Sandra Susan Merritt, whom we represent.

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Matt Barber: Well, and as you mentioned, Liberty Counsel is representing Sandra. She’s been indicted with “tampering with governmental records” — a driver’s license — “with intent to defraud and harm.” Well the key here is intent. She’s also been charged with allegedly trying to purchase human organs. Which is just utterly absurd on its face. Something that she was clearly here, the whole investigation was to expose the fact that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling human body parts.  

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