Planned Parenthood Threatens to Silence Truth Seekers

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Planned Parenthood is attempting to intimidate the Center for Medical Progress, and anyone associated with the undercover videos. To silence them they have filed a massive RICO claim against them, along with other allegations trying to seek damages to silence them and intimidate them from revealing the truth. The horrible truth of Planned Parenthood.

Mat Staver: Matt, this is not unexpected. This is the second lawsuit now that Planned Parenthood and others have filed against these people who have done the undercover videos. At one time they wanted to get an injunction to stop the additional videos. They got a temporary restraining order but then the judge lifted that and they were able to give the rest of their videos out. Now they have filed an additional lengthy complaint.

It’s a RICO claim. And it’s a RICO claim that is designed to inflict damages and to stop them by getting a permanent injunction against The Center for Medical Progress and certain individuals who were part of this undercover video operation that revealed the horrendous situation and the brutality of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts.

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Matt Barber: Yea…this is Goliath saber-rattling and beating his chest to try to intimidate David. And we have a David and Goliath situation here. This is a multi-billion dollar abortion industry going after a tiny, albeit an extremely effective, pro-life non-profit. And this isn’t just to go after the Center for Medical Progress, this is to send a shot over the bow of all pro-lifers, and Christian and pro-life organizations. And of all things they abuse RICO. The RICO Act. Which was a law intended to prosecute the mafia…

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