43rd Annual March for Life Showed Strength in DC

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The 43rd Annual March for Life occurred in Washington D.C., the nation’s capitol, where, in 1973, this atrocity, the holocaust against the unborn began on January 22, 1973, forty-three years ago. Marked by gathering of hundreds of thousands of people from around the country to remember — and also to make a statement — to remember those that have lost their lives but to also make a statement that we are standing, we are going to be the voice, the arms, the legs. We’re going to stop this holocaust in America during our lifetime.

Mat Staver: Matt, you know the problem that we have with the media, including even so-called conservative media like Fox News, is that you have an event such as the March for Life, you have hundreds of thousands of people that show up from around the country. And when you look at the crowd, it is undeniably a young crowd — twenty-somethings — about half of the people there are in their twenties. It’s a very young crowd. Huge news on many fronts, and yet not very much coverage at all. In some cases, zero coverage by some of these networks.

Matt Barber: Well that’s because it contravenes what they want to happen. It shows that their narrative is false, that somehow there’s this push for so-called pro-choice. To dismember alive a child in her mother’s womb. they’re losing. They’re losing bad. The Planned Parenthood videos, that we’ll be talking about some tomorrow on Faith and Freedom, these have displayed just how callous, how Nazi-esque. And you don’t use that word “Nazi” lightly. But this is an exact parallel here…

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