Muslim Refugees Attack a French Pedestrian Until Victim Reveals Gun

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Muslim refugees attack white pedestrians in France. That is until one of the victims goes for his gun and the tides are turned.

Mat Staver: Matt, this is so-called Muslim refugees, people that are fleeing Syrian, Iraq terror that’s taking place by ISIS and so forth. These countries in Europe are opening their arms to allow them to come in to have a better life. And here when they get to these countries, like in this particular case in France, a number of these so-called “Muslim refugees” attack white pedestrians there in France. They take out bats and they’re going to bludgeon them. But then the tide changes when one of the victims that they intend to batter, possibly even kill and torture goes for his gun. And all of the sudden the situation and the scene changes.

Matt Barber: Yea Mat, this is like the convergence of the Second Amendment meets the Islamic invasion. And we’ve seen that 1 point some odd million of these so-called “Syrian refugees” have invaded Germany with open borders. And 90+% of these are young men of fighting age. When you see these videos it’s uncanny. Well, Onan Coca, writing for BarbWire addresses this issue with this video that was caught with kind of a mob of Muslim refugees — of these so-called Syrian refugees — coming after a group of innocent French individuals…


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Editor’s note: Somehow this scene came to mind and I could not resist embedding the video. Tami Jackson 

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