Core Problems Ignored in the State of the Union Address

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One thing that we all hoped would come out of the State of the Union, but certainly didn’t expect it would with this particular president, is to address the real core problems that we have in America. And the core problems were simply ignored, and many of these core problems are exacerbated by this president. And that is, we need to get back to the basics, the basics on which America was founded. A belief that there is a Creator. That our rights come from God. That there are things that we call right and wrong, good and bad. And that, in fact, we need to get back to a reliance upon God who ultimately gives us, and is the source of our freedom.

Mat Staver: We certainly know that there was nothing about these issues in the State of the Union address, There was a coddling of Islam. Another situation that happened outside of the State of the Union, but part of the State of the Union, is that many Democratic members of Congress, they invited Islamic leaders. There was literally an Imam that was in the gallery. He looked like someone who had just walked off of a Bedouin in the Middle East somewhere, dressed in the garb like a Bedouin would be dressed.

But there was no mention of religious freedom, no mention of religious freedom with respect to Christians, and the targeting of Christians that we are seeing here in America. there was no mention of the targeting of Christians and Jews worldwide by ISIS or anything of that nature. Nothing about those basic core values that make America great.

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Matt Barber: No, what we saw at the State of the Union — preening and standing up on his perch — was the head of the anti-Christian, secular, Progressive Left. This president didn’t want to talk about, he did talk about the policies, many of his own policies that have resulted in anti-Christian discrimination and hostility toward religious freedom in this country…but we had visuals in the audience. Kim Davis, who is a victim of this president’s policies as well as the Little Sisters of the Poor…

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