Exciting Awakening 2016 Event Just Around the Corner!

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The Awakening 2016 is just around the corner: March 5 in Orlando, Florida. It will be an inspiring event, a celebration of our faith and freedom.

Mat Staver: Matt, you have been at all of the Awakenings, the first one beginning in 2010. We had one in 2011, we’ve had them every year. And this year, March 5, is The Awakening 2016. The website is TheAwakeningUSA.org…I encourage you to sign up. we expect 2,000+ people at The Awakening, with lots of speakers from a wide variety of perspectives. We’re going to be talking about religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, marriage and family, Islam, ISIS, Israel, political activity of pastors and churches. We’ve got a section for pastors. We have other ways to get your church engaged…

Matt Barber: Well, and the theme, Mat, of The Awakening 2016, “A New Birth of Liberty.” And boy is liberty under assault in this day and age and it’s time for a new birth of liberty. And it is “We the People,” particularly Christ-followers, who I believe can lead to that. So, I encourage everyone again, mark your calendars, Saturday, March 5th…

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