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Liberty Counsel’s Year End Report is a significant overview of just the tip of the iceberg of issues that Liberty Counsel has been involved with, both in litigation, education, and in public policy.

Mat Staver: Matt, there’s so much information in this year end report. I hope that, if those people who are listening, do not receive this, if you don’t receive this, the newsletter The Liberator, then please call us and we’ll send you one of these Year End Reports.

If you are receiving The Liberator, you will have already received this, or should have received this in the mail. And I encourage you to take a look at it, spend some time going through it, and you can share it with some friends. If you need additional copies, let us know. Call us at 407-875-1776.

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One of the things that it does, Matt, is it shows the breadth of the ministry outreach of Liberty Counsel and it has significantly grown in terms of the breadth. We have prayed often times the prayer of Jabez to expand our territory, to do good…what God has already given us but to expand in addition to that as well. This Year End Partners’ Report certainly does an overview of some of what is happening through the Ministry of Liberty Counsel.

Matt Barber: Well, it does. And it’s very encouraging how many victories we find within this year end report. You know Liberty Counsel focuses on defending religious freedom and focuses on the sanctity of human life — from conception all the way through natural death — and it focuses on the family. Protecting and defending the family.

So this report is broken down into those areas and several different instances and cases are addressed here. Under the category of religious freedom, for example, Matt, one of the bullet points here “Liberty Counsel offered counsel and representation and policies for churches across the board to protect them against so-called “same-sex marriage,” which is being used as a weapon against religious liberty…

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