4 Ways We’re Exalting Child Abuse

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America has become de-sensitized to sexual abuse of the children we have a duty to protect.

Many Americans are now comfortable with — or indifferent to — the normalization and whitewashing of child corruption. Here are some recent examples that I hope stir some minds and hearts.

Example #1: A full page ad appeared in USA Today on September 23 from a group that has grown in power even as its message, at its core, has become more radical and child-endangering.

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, ran the ad to encourage support for its “Ally Week” ( September 28- October 2) with the headline, “Respect My Pronouns.”

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Middle/high school students are needed as allies to peers who are “LGBTQ”. Don’t we really know what that means? Pat your friend on the back and respect that growing attraction to high-risk sodomy or his/her intention to amputate healthy body parts as soon as a willing surgeon can be found.

A teen “he” should be respected as “she” in GLSEN’s deviant world.

By cleaning up sodomy to seem child-friendly, GLSEN will not only poison the minds and injure the bodies of those children who can be tragically persuaded to identify as “LGBTQ” but they want to sweep the larger population of children into this cesspool as well– and call it “being an ally.”

You are a compassionate hipster teen, not an ignorant bigot, if you come alongside this movement, even if what you think you are seeing is ugly and degrading. Look over there! Nothing to see here, except an unimpeachable “anti-bullying” campaign.

Same with parents who desperately want to intervene, but are dissuaded by the leftist regimes controlling most schools. Children are indoctrinated with one viewpoint: never listen to ex-homosexuals (“They’re all fakes!!”) or to Christians, or even to the brave teacher or coach who may want to provide sound guidance and warnings.

Online “LGBT” networks bypass parents and schools to reach even 11- and 12- year- olds, so there are now thousands of American adolescents who join the school “gay-straight alliances” without parental knowledge, hang out at “gay pride” parades, or frequent the homosexual community youth clubs with older homosexual volunteers.

They encounter daring metrosexuals and confident drag kings and queens. They form crushes, they send text messages. Secret adult/child hook-ups happen, enabled by social media. GLSEN will look the other way as long as the wicked agenda keeps moving ahead.

So will the Human Rights Campaign, one of whose founding members, Democrat fundraiser and activist Terry Bean, was arrested for sex with a teen boy. But the criminal charges have just been dropped and there are rumors of a $200,000 “settlement.” Many would call it a pay-off.

And we wonder why some kids are depressed and suicidal. Once you’ve been used and thrown away by older homosexuals, many sensitive kids believe “they” have failed. Most will never receive a hopeful, alternate message.

Example #2: Mainstream website, Salon.com, just published the confessions of a “virtuous pedophile” who swears he doesn’t act on his attractions but they feel in-born– and pleads with the public to not view him as a “monster.”

No, just a deviant who must cherish his abusive fantasies because he apparently refuses to get help and now uses an undeserved platform to frame his obsession as a valid “orientation.” The pedophile normalization campaign unfolds.

Question for Salon: why not publish the confessions of a man who fantasizes about raping adult women, if he claims he doesn’t act on those fantasies? Probably because that would be part of the “war on women.”

Well, you have just become an “ally” of the war on children. Shame on you.

Example #3: The Frito-Lay company recently decided to produce rainbow-colored Dorito chips to support “LGBT” child abuse efforts.

Of course, this is not how it was framed by Frito-Lay or owner, Pepsico. Their tag line for the campaign is “Bold and Better.” But presidential candidate Mike Huckabee nailed the core issue in a recent statement. How can any respectable company support a program founded by well-known anti- Christian bigot and professional deviant Dan Savage?

By donating Dorito profits to support the Savage-inspired “It Gets Better” project, they help to send vulnerable American youth down self-destructive roads, all in the name of — wait for it– preventing self-destruction.

Deviant Doritos are just more moral junk food being offered to brainwashed kids and the adults guiding them. We should be exposing this phony-baloney “outreach” to kids, not enabling it.

If Satan had literally been recruited as a consultant on this project, it could not get any worse. In his eyes, it only gets better.

Example #4: In Afghanistan, American soldiers hear the screams of young boys at night, yet the military hierarchy has reportedly told them not to intervene, even if this sexual abuse occurs on our military bases, according to the New York Times. A Times expose recently revealed:

… [S]oldiers and Marines have been increasingly troubled that instead of weeding out pedophiles, the American military was arming them in some cases and placing them as the commanders of villages — and doing little when they began abusing children.

Letting the attacks continue is part of respecting their “culture,” our troops are told. One concerned eleven-year Green Beret did intervene and is now being discharged with no appeal. Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland came to a boy’s rescue, and the Obama Army is telling him he has no basis to appeal his discharge.

And Obama has just nominated an open homosexual, Eric Fanning, to head the Army. As acting head of the Air Force in 2013, Fanning touted the “gay pride” observances in Afghanistan, where homosexuality is technically illegal.

Again, for Satan, it doesn’t get any better than this. Satan hates children and loves for humans to limit themselves and ignore God.

So kids, you are on your own while wolves lurk in the shadows. Is this what America has become?

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