3 Point To Do List as Racial Tensions Escalate

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“What Happens at Grandma’s, Stays at Grandma’s”

These words appear on a long wooden plaque in our living room. When the grandkids come and spend time like they did recently, there are times we have to call timeout to work through a few things amidst some “intense fellowship.” Details usually stay in the confines of our home when we transfer the grandchildren back to mom and dad.

America is at such a place after an extraordinarily painful week where racial tensions reached a high point. More than a quick pause in the action is necessary if we are to avert a repeat of the 60’s racial violence, shootouts and ambush attacks that then paralyzed our nation.

In the past few years we’ve had dangerous eruptions and disruptions over the deaths of Treyvon Martin in Florida, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Freddie Gray in Baltimore, then two more black men shot last week in Louisiana and Minnesota. Everything culminated in the horrific sniper shooting of five white police officers and the wounding of seven others in the Dallas “payback” attack.

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Saturday and Sunday thousands of protesters flooded city streets across America. St. Paul, Minnesota got particularly violent with Molotov cocktails, concrete, rocks, glass bottles and bricks thrown at riot gear-wearing police. 200 arrests were made in Baton Rouge and St. Paul alone.

President Obama is cutting short an overseas trip to return home, address the situation and visit Dallas this week. Everyone needs to realize that we are smack dab in the midst of intensified suspicion of police officers and their treatment of African-Americans, alongside an historically unprecedented escalation of disrespect and anti law enforcement violence in our land.

Speaking recently with a veteran police officer about the situation, he confided in me that he is retiring because he’s “fed up” with what’s being done to those trying to protect our families and communities today.
Vocal opponents would disagree saying racism is rampant among policemen and they’re reaping what they’ve sown.

3 Steps to Alleviate Not Exacerbate The Crisis

Most of us are familiar with Parent Teacher Association meetings. Sometimes a “red alert” bulletin goes out because something serious is underfoot. We are at such a time. I offer three positive steps using the acrostic P. T. A.

1. Prayer and fasting

In times like these, we must remember to “weep with those who weep” (Rom. 12:15) and pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones regardless of their skin color – black, white, brown, red or yellow. Remember Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus. Those who die all have red blood and Acts 17:26 tells us “He has made from one blood every nation of men to live on the entire face of the earth…”

We should also pray regularly for our political leaders, our law enforcement officials and all in the criminal justice system entrusted with the
responsibility to investigate these difficult situations.

Besides praying for, we must also pray against. While many in our culture are almost obsessed with the dark, unseen realm of demons, zombies, vampires and the walking dead, many Christians scoff at identifying and addressing the responsibly of the demonic realm.

To understand the gravity of what we are dealing with, consider this demonically inspired exhortation from racial activist Byron Cowan: “I encourage every black man in America to strap up. It is clear. I encourage every officer to kiss their loved ones goodbye. Every time you leave the house. Tell them you love them; because you may not make it home. Also if you do make it home, you may find their dead bodies sprawled all over the house. This war we’re tired. I don’t care who I offend I don’t have any more words but bullets. It’s time to start going into their homes and killing their families.”

In Jesus day, another young man was being influenced by demons to die a violent and premature death. Jesus took authority over the demonic presence and also challenged His disciples to jettison unbelief, pray and fast so they could do likewise (Matt. 17:14-21).

Make no mistake about it; what we face today in terms of hatred, division and violence between races is rooted in satanic activity.  What’s needed is not merely harmonic, interfaith peace vigils where participants march slowly with candles singing Kumbaya.

We must collectively fast and pray so we are “able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:11-12).

Here’s the deal: inflammatory rhetoric that comes from “Black Lives Matter,” Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan or others stoking the flames of racial hatred is “earthly, unspiritual and devilish” (Jam. 3:15). Whether they are conscious of it or not, race-baiters and agitators promoting destruction and violence are under the influence of demons.

I personally have strong disagreement when our President invites representatives of “Black Lives Matter” to the White House and portrays them in a positive light. Their slogans and chants demonizing police and encouraging killing them are criminal!

The former North Carolina police chief and veteran of 35 years in law enforcement, Mike Halstead, stated the following concerning BLM: “It is a terrorist group in my opinion . It’s a terrorist group if you can march down the street and call for the death of police officers and a race of people. You can make slogans and hold banners that say Black Lives Matter and then you can yell out pigs wrapped in bacon and frying in the pan. What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now!”

While conveying love to hostile people, we must exercise our God-given authority over the spirits influencing them. We do this by aggressive prayer and fasting in our churches and multi-church gatherings.

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