250,000 Jobs in October Boost for GOP

Recently, editorial cartoonist Antonio Branco produced a cartoon about a midterm election ballot that had two choices – Mobs or Jobs.

There is a lot of truth to that cartoon because currently, the Democrats are trying to gain power via mob rule and if they don’t get their way, they rile up the mobs to protest, civil disobedience and end even violence.

On the other side of the  political aisle, Republicans have taken steps that have resulted in record unemployment, including for black, Hispanic and female American workers.

Just in time for the midterm elections, the Labor Department released the October jobs report that shows that another 250,000 jobs were added, which is nearly a third higher than most experts predicted.

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The Washington Examiner – U.S. employers added 250,000 workers in October, the last month before midterm elections in which incumbent Republicans have pinned their campaigns in part to the success of President Trump’s economic policies.

Unemployment held steady at the 3.7 percent reached the month before, the Labor Department said in a statement Friday, the lowest since December 1969. The payroll expansion was 32 percent higher than the average estimate of 190,000 from economists surveyed by FactSet, and compared with revised growth of 118,000 a month before.

“We saw a nice rebound in October,” Joseph Song, an economist with Bank of America, told the Washington Examiner. Discounting the distortions due to Hurricane Florence, whose landfall on the East Coast skewed September’s data, “you still get a relatively strong number,” he added.

Indeed, the blowout growth topped even the 228,000 estimate from Morgan Stanley economist Ellen Zentner, who had predicted a rebound as stores and restaurants that temporarily shut their doors during Hurricane Florence resumed operation…

Democrats are trying to make healthcare the main issue of the midterm elections.

Many Republicans, including President Donald Trump, are trying to make immigration the key issue, emphasizing the four caravans of migrant invaders heading to the United States.

Yet, if Republicans want to win and retain control of Congress, they need to emphasize the facts that more Americans are working today than in decades and that they are taking home more pay.

All Democrats want to do is kill jobs and take more taxes out of every dollar workers earn.



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