2,500 Person Migrant Caravan #??? Arrives in Mexico City

If you have been trying to keep count of the number of migrant caravans that have traveled from southern Central America heading to the United States, like me, you have probably lost count.

It was recently reported that US Border Patrol agents have already spent 20,000 manhours since October 2018, transporting illegal migrants to and from medical facilities, since many of them are arriving sick and carrying diseases.

It’s also been revealed that US taxpayers are already on the hook for $165 billion a year just for the illegal aliens already her in the United States.

Do you realize how many border walls that would build?

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One of the latest migrant caravans, numbering over 2,500, has reached Mexico City, where Mexico is trying to promote a program to get them to stay in Mexico.

Fox News – Latest migrant caravan begins to flood Mexico City as ‘remain in Mexico’ policy begins – As dawn breaks at an outdoor sports stadium here, Mexican Marines are busy cooking beef, eggs and beans for the 2,673 migrants that have arrived here, according to officials. More are expected to arrive this week.

Upon arrival, they receive blankets, shelter, heath care, sanitary amenities and hot meals. They are housed in three massive tents inside the sports complex, are protected by around the clock security and have access to a soccer field and playground.

They must fill out a form indicating their country of origin, gender and age – but are not required to give their name. A green bracelet identifies them in the shelter with a number corresponding to the registry.

Here they have the option – but are not required – to officially register in Mexico and seek temporary asylum for up to one year…

Yes, Mexican officials are criticizing the US (Trump) for his immigration policies and for his insistence that all migrants seeking asylum in the US remain in Mexico until they are properly processed.

Months ago, Mexico promised Trump that they would stop the caravans and force them to either stay in Mexico or turn to their own countries.

However, Mexico is NOT keeping their promise as was seen when one caravan entered Mexico from Guatemala through an opened and unguarded border gate.

I say Trump should cut all aid to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico until they take action to stop the migrant caravans.



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