2020 Dem Candidate Says Anyone Not Handing in Their Guns Should be Jailed

What qualifies a person to be capable of being president?

In the case of Barack Obama, very little experience somehow qualified him and it showed.

Eric Swalwell became a member of the Dublin, California city council at the age 30.

Three years later, he was elected to Congress, representing California’s 15th district.

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Six years later, at the age of 39, Swalwell believes he is now qualified to be president as he has announced that he is running for the Democratic nomination.

One of his main policies is to enact very strict gun control followed by the jailing of anyone who does turn in his or her guns.

Townhall – Swalwell: I Will Jail Those Who Defy My Gun Grabbing Agenda – Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is running for president. He’s one of many who are hopping into the 2020 clown car. No, he probably won’t win the nomination. And yes, he would certainly lose against President Donald J. Trump. He’s also running on an issue that is only popular with the most insane of Democrats: gun confiscation.

Swalwell has gone off the deep end with his absurd allegations that Donald Trump is an agent of the Kremlin. Yet, he’s been saying it for months. Even with the Mueller report torpedoing Democratic hopes of finding cause to impeach the president, the California liberal is part of the bitter clinger wing of his party on this front. Still, his views on gun control border on absurdity and for all the network’s faults, and there are many, CNN’s Jake Tapper did a good job cornering Swalwell into suggesting that he would jail gun owners should he become president of the United States. Tim Graham of Newsbusters clipped this piece of glory (via NewsBusters):

TAPPER: So, gun control is the central plank in your campaign. You wrote last year — quote — …

Swalwell is a gun grabbing Democrat who is an enemy to everyone who values their Second Amendment rights.

He is more concerned with making America as gun free as possible and cares nothing about the thousands of law abiding citizens who have legally used their firearms to protect themselves, their families and their homes.

Think about it, it’s difficult to enslave an entire nation under socialist rule when there are over 300 million firearms in the hands of the citizens.



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