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Trump and Kim Jong Un

Watch and Learn: The Tactics of Blue Journalists Who Despise Trump


President Trump has taken historic steps toward brokering peace on the Korean peninsula by arranging the first meeting with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un and in signing an agreement that aims to disarm the hostile Asian agitator. Meanwhile, America’s anti-Trump media are already setting the table for their celebration dinner to honor America’s defeat. Our nation’s blue news networks have exposed their strategy early, and in typically monolithic unison.

So deep and roiling is the Left’s animus for President Trump, that they have demonstrated a pathological desire to frame his every success as a failure and every delay as evidence of gross incompetence. If the network media and their Democrat handlers were even-handed in their condemnation of U.S. presidents, all would be well. But the enemies of American security and prosperity are neither honest nor fair.

Despite the fact that North Korea has been one of the most ruthless and belligerent nation-states for over sixty years, and that the three preceding presidents have failed to get anywhere close to this point, Donald Trump will not be applauded. On the contrary, he will be bashed, minimized, ridiculed and maligned by the same phony analysts who dared not question Barack Obama’s chimerical policy of “strategic patience” with Chairman Kim.

The standard by which the summit will be characterized by the Left is not whether President Trump will be successful in negotiating an agreement of nuclear disarmament. It will be decided by pundits and news commentators according to a different metric altogether—human rights. Nuclear disarmament is the U.S. policy goal of the meeting, but that will not suffice for the Left.

Much is already being overblown of the unofficial role, if any, of former basketball player, Dennis Rodman in getting Kim to the Singapore summit. Why? Because he’s not Donald Trump. Chairman Kim is also being cheered by the Left and credited with manipulating the president. America’s hostile domestic enemies in Congress and the blue news cannot bring themselves to celebrate any national success if doing so illustrates their baseless misjudgment of the president.

We have been here before.

In the 1980s, President Reagan was subjected to the same kind of reckless hatred and slander. Democrats warned that Ronald Reagan was on the verge of pushing the Soviet Union into World War III. The late Democrat Senator, Ted Kennedy, even took the extraordinary and treacherous step of contacting the Kremlin to urge Soviet restraint, intimating that President Reagan could be defeated in his 1984 campaign for re-election. But Reagan’s policy of peace through strength ended the Cold War and the forty-year Soviet threat to Europe and the United States.

Brutal totalitarian regimes such as the Soviet Union, North Korea and Iran will not reform themselves willingly or overnight. Nuclear disarmament of North Korea will take years to complete. Surveillance and inspections will be necessary to ensure compliance. But President Trump is not likely to give Kim Jong Un the right to refuse spot inspections or agree to provide a thirty-day advance notice request as did Barack Hussein Obama with the Iran deal.

Democrats and the media are overly concerned about appearances. Their champions, Obama and Clinton, have been exposed as feckless and deficient by President Trump’s bold and swift actions. Leftists wax long and foolishly about how things look rather than acknowledge the important substantive steps taken this week toward peace and stability in the Far East. But any honest observer will be cautiously encouraged that North Korean belligerence will come to an end one day soon. And that should be the only meaningful measure of success of the Trump administration.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted to have said, “Well done is better than well said.” Political speeches are quickly forgotten, but courageous actions taken to avoid a twenty-first century nuclear war with North Korea will be the lasting legacy of a great American president.

The dishonest tactics of blue journalists’ commentaries on President Trump’s momentous summit meeting are worthy of examination because they illustrate the trend that will continue for the next five-and-one-half years.


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