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Time to Bury the So-Called ‘Third Rail’ of Race: Our Nation’s Survival Demands It


A ‘third-rail’ issue refers to one that has been deemed untouchable, like the electrified third rail that moves a subway car over a track. The progressive Left deems third-rail issues taboo so as to stifle oppositional pushback from patriots.

In the recent uproar over the comedian Roseanne Barr’s characterization of Valerie Jarrett (former “Commissar” for the corrupt Obama administration), one commentator assessed that Barr had touched the third rail of “race,” and thus her destruction is ensured. Never mind that much more heinous things have been said about conservative patriots by people who aren’t even comedians, as Roseanne Barr is. This fiasco is further proof of the Left’s odious intentions toward this nation, and patriots must read it for what it is.

The question becomes, when will Caucasian Americans start judging American blacks by the same universal standards as all other Americans are judged?

That is a question Shelby Steel (Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute in California) addressed in his article “Black Protest Has Lost Its Power.” Steele dealt primarily with the inane protests of NFL players on the bosses’ and fans’ time and dime, claiming racial oppression. This latest race flap involving Roseanne Barr’s firing from her television show brings this question back to the forefront.

Barr, in an attempt at comedy, compared Valerie Jarrett to a character in the movie Planet of the Apes, and all hell broke loose. Comparable, lame statements have been made about President Trump, members of his family, and members of his staff, most notably, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A glaring difference is that no one lost a job over poking fun at the President, his family, or Sanders, all of whom are white.

I am frankly getting very tired of “blackness” being elevated to an importance beyond what non-blacks in our culture are afforded, especially in the 21st Century. Official slavery of blacks ended in 1865; legal discrimination ended in the 1950s. That is, respectively, about two centuries and many decades ago since both those events occurred.

Nobody living today has any right to assume special privilege based on what happened in the very distant past. If you perceive yourself a victim at this late stage of the game, your victim status is by choice.

Progressive “white guilt” is what drives the current racialist madness in our culture. Otherwise, there would not be this collective pandering to the likes of Valerie Jarrett and all other ethnic race baiters like her.

This woman, Jarrett was instrumental in the Obama administration’s near fatal blow to our Constitutional Republic. She served as senior advisor to the President. The two of them, along with other socialist progressives, subverting constitutional laws and abusing the power of their positions, darn near destroyed this nation as it was founded.

They were allowed to commit this destruction solely because they claim to be black. I won’t refute their blackness, even though both are mixed-race, but I emphatically condemn their being allowed to wreak havoc on our nation because of their blackness. The lunacy of white guilt prevented otherwise sane Americans from vehemently opposing every pernicious act the Obama administration perpetrated on the American people—for eight devastating years.

I accept that Roseanne Barr’s comment was provocative, but so is much of what every comedian produces, especially in our coarsened culture. Why should her comment be characterized as “racist” rather than simply “inane”? But for the idiocy of elevating race (especially regarding black people) to special status, there would be no issue.

If comedians (and anybody else for that matter) want to take a shot at somebody in power or in a position of prominence, why should it matter what degree of melanin infuses the skin of the target? It shouldn’t matter. Progressive leftists, during the past several decades, however, have used race as a battering ram against the foundations of our Constitutional Republic, which enshrines freedom of speech. And if patriots don’t fight back against this travesty, we will lose this nation. It will become a balkanized hell-hole like so many other nations on the globe inhabited by people of different ethnicities.

One other thought regarding the holier-than-thy attitude of some among the “righteous.”

On the popular morning television show “Fox and Friends,” Ainsley Earhardt, one of the co-anchors, declared her Christian credentials and insisted that Roseanne Barr’s “racist” statement could not be excused. She even shushed co-anchor Pete Hegseth who, like many Americans, was struck more by the hypocrisy of the Left’s response to Barr than they were by Barr’s attempts at comedy.

I am also a Christian and my first instinct was to condemn the Left’s manic, hypocritical behavior toward Barr’s innocuous statement. It was not to condemn her and imply that everybody else must do the same, as Earhardt did.

It is obvious the Left’s response to this incident is solely because Valerie Jarrett is a black person. That is the problem, here, the emphasis on her skin color because our nation is obsessed with race. And it is far past time we ended that obsession. It is detrimental to our survival.

Thankfully, President Donald Trump is not inflicted with white guilt, nor is he hypocritical as are so many others in politics, as well as in the media, educational institutions, and the entertainment and sports industries. He, along with I’m certain a good many American patriots, addressed the true problem in this overblown drama, and that is the pernicious double standard practiced by the elitist Left in this country. Patriots know full well why the ABC television network canceled Barr’s show and the progressive Disney CEO, Bob Iger praised the network for its so-called “courage.”

Roseanne Barr’s show was scrubbed from the ABC Network lineup to eliminate a conservative voice on a mainstream media network. That is the bottom line. I’ve never watched the show, but I hope those people who did will raise a royal ruckus. Let ABC feel the heat.

© Sylvia Thompson


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