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Rep. McKinley Shows a Mountain of Courage in Scuffle


Nothing probably annoys the Left more than knowing Congress is as conservative as ever. Two hundred forty-five of them picked up a True Blue award from FRC Action for voting with the family 100 percent of the time. West Virginia’s Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.) was one of them. And, despite the LGBT lobby’s best efforts, he couldn’t be prouder.

Earlier this month, a radical group called Fairness West Virginia tried to talk McKinley into returning the award to FRC Action. Futilely, I might add. “As a member of the United States Congress who represents thousands of LGBTQ West Virginians,” Executive Director Andrew Schneider told local reporters, “Rep. McKinley should… categorically reject this endorsement from a hate group…” Using the same dangerous rhetoric as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Schneider blasted FRC for daring to oppose a reckless agenda that wants to obliterate gender, the natural family, and Americans’ fundamental freedoms.

The attack itself is ridiculous, since it’s rooted in the same anti-Christian prejudice as the SPLC’s — which (we shouldn’t have to remind Schneider) has been linked in federal court to domestic terrorism. Even now, SPLC continues to list people on its website like House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, whose shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, ‘liked’ SPLC’s Facebook page. The SPLC has denigrated conservative leaders like Dr. Ben Carson and President Trump to the point that even the FBI, U.S. Army, and Obama Justice Department have distanced themselves from the group.

So when the Parkersburg News and Sentinel contacted McKinley for comment, it’s no surprise that he didn’t budge. “I’m not going to reject [the award],” the congressman insisted. He understands that the values he’s voting for are the same ones his constituents support. And, like 244 others in the House and Senate, he’s not ashamed to stand up for them!

Do you know how your leaders voted on key issues like abortion, Obamacare, judges, and tax cuts? Click here to find out. If you’re fortunate enough to have a representative like David McKinley, take a minute to let them know how much you appreciate their commitment to faith, family, and freedom!


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