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EXCLUSIVE: Have Barbarians Stormed the Gates at Pepperdine University? (Part 6)


An 8 part special report exclusive to

Part 6 of 8

The Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) Promotes the Homosexual Agenda

In March of 2016, just two months after Benton withdrew Pep’s Title IX waiver, a gay student club was recognized, first at Seaver College and then at the Law School. But gay student clubs are one thing; professors teaching that homosexuality is perfectly normal is another. More than one source has confirmed to me that numerous GSEP professors routinely teach views on sexuality that are not only contrary to traditional Christian teaching but are not supported by much of the relevant research.

Indeed, the GSEP is the most liberal school within Pepperdine and this was demonstrated a few months ago when the school announced that radical professor Cornel West will be the “Endowed Visiting Professor” at GSEP. Known as the one of the ideological godfathers of the Black Lives Matter movement, West has called them “a marvelous militancy” and says that “white supremacy is American as cherry pie.” At least he fits right in with all the GSEP professors.

GSEP has a “Social Justice Collaborative” program whose mission is “fostering sociopolitical and cultural awareness as well as response to issues of oppression and inequality.” Indeed, in 2015, when leftist students were protesting racial comments made on some anonymous social media site, the GSEP sent out an open letter excitedly claiming Pepperdine is often silent “on issues of race and human diversity.” But Pepperdine had nothing to do with the social media site.

The letter went on to say that GSEP is committed “to the eradication of manifestations of racism, sexism, classism, and heterosexism within the university.” The use of the word “heterosexism” gives away the GSEP’s ideology. This term means that if one thinks heterosexuality is the only normal sex, then he is a bigot, so apparently GSEP considers George Pepperdine and all the other conservative Christians who founded Pepperdine to be bigots. Since this letter was signed by the vast majority of GSEP full-time faculty members, one assumes this radical view of sexuality is widespread within the GSEP.

While there are some solid GSEP professors who teach therapeutic approaches to healing addictions, learning disabilities and other societal ills, many GSEP’s psychological courses address family relationships, sexuality and sexual issues from a leftist and non-traditional perspective. Not surprisingly, GSEP is not even associated with the nation’s only professional association of conservative Christian counselors, the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Instead, GSEP’s literature instead promotes membership in the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) and the American Psychological Association (APA), a group that one psychologist told me is simply “sexual revolutionaries pretending to be psychologists.” CAMFT and APA not only promote the idea that homosexuality and transgenderism are perfectly normal, but have supported legislation that makes it illegal for psychologists to counsel a client to leave the gay lifestyle, even if that’s what is desired. Both organizations hold views on family, marriage, sex and homosexuality that are driven not by research but rather by liberal ideology and are obsessed with undermining traditional mores.

Indeed, a review of many GSEP’s textbooks and faculty writings makes it clear that Pepperdine has hired professors who support behaviors and attitudes completely at odds with the views Pepperdine was founded upon. These secular, atheist views are traced to the 1960’s sexual revolutionaries who sought to destroy the traditional family unit and redefine sexuality. They can be summarized as follows:

  1. Homosexuality, transgenderism, and other sexuality disorders are perfectly normal expressions of human behavior, no matter how much research to the contrary exists.
  2. Since such behaviors are normal, they need to be praised and encouraged.
  3. These abnormal behaviors cannot be changed and are genetic in origin, despite a complete dearth of evidence that any such “gay” gene exists.
  4. Whatever psychological conditions afflict homosexuals, it is due to stress caused by the refusal of churches and parents to accept homosexuality as normal. Therefore, if something needs to change, it’s the church and parents, not homosexuals.
  5. The Bible is archaic and its prohibitions on homosexual behavior should be ignored, or better yet, such scriptures should be reinterpreted to mean something they don’t.
  6. There is no such thing as “ex-homosexuals” and such networks involving thousands of former homosexuals need to be ignored.
  7. Psychologists, pastors and others who counsel homosexuals to leave the lifestyle need to be ostracized and attacked and legislation banning this activity needs to be supported.
  8. The considerable research indicating homosexuality is caused by traumatic incidents in one’s youth, such as neglect, rape, and molestation, needs to be ignored.

Let’s look at a few examples. GSEP Professor Barbara Ingram teaches the false notion that homosexuality is genetic and therefore not changeable. In her course textbook, Clinical Case Formulations, which she authored herself, she writes that “sexual orientation” is “hardwired into their makeup” and is an “innate part of a person’s makeup.”

But that’s not true since there aren’t any geneticists who have made such a claim and all research projects that attempted to find a gay gene have failed.

The “born gay” myth was propagated by the left for many years as a way to convince vote-hungry politicians to pass laws to grant “rights” to gays, since, after all, if a person is born that way, we must extend various rights to them. However, the preponderance of evidence demonstrates that homosexuality is “fluid” and that people move in and out of the homosexual lifestyle all the time. It is not an “orientation” or an “identity” one is born with, but rather a behavior.

Randy Thomasson, the president of California’s leading pro-family organization, Campaign for Children and Families, said this about Ingram’s book, “For Pepperdine University to force students to learn from a book that falsely claims homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual behavior is ‘innate’ amounts to educational malpractice. Has a ‘gay gene’ been found? No. Does ‘LGBT’ behavior top the CDC’s list of dangerous STDs? Yes. Have tens of thousands of Americans left their homosexual or transsexual ‘identity’ behind? Yes.”

But Ingram’s textbook is typical of GSEP’s general philosophy. Like the APA and CAMPF, Prof. Ingram’s textbook opposes counseling homosexuals to leave the lifestyle, claiming that “therapists mistreat LGB clients,” if they try to “change the orientation.” She affirms the APA’s view that “same-sex sexual and romantic attractions, feelings and behaviors are normal and positive variations of human sexuality …”

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. and his late father – both prominent clinical psychologists — have counseled hundreds of homosexuals to leave the lifestyle and when I showed Dr. Nicolosi Jr. Ingram’s textbook, he gave me this statement: “My clients deserve the same rights and freedoms as anyone else: to have a therapist who understand and support them in their journey. It’s why they come to me for therapy….I’ve had clients tell me, ‘I was molested as a child and now, because of this life-changing event, I struggle with unwanted desires that I can’t get rid of.’ What’s true compassion, helping my patients overcome the unwanted desires, or telling them to live out these desires?”

Ingram also advocates using “affirmative therapy” to convince homosexuals their behavior is “normal” and should be encouraged and that the role of therapists is “building a positive identity” so as to “help clients progress though the coming-out process….” Moreover, her textbook exhibits a cavalier attitude toward traditional sexuality as well. She writes, for example, “it makes sense (in terms of preserving the species) that a middle-aged man should have a strong sexual attraction for an attractive woman of child bearing years than for his postmenopausal wife, but this does not provide consolation for the wife and family if the husband acts on this biological-based impulses.” She is essentially giving men an excuse — “biological-based impulses” — to have affairs. Now there’s a pro-family, Christian Pepperdine professor.

Ingram writes that the reason why homosexuals suffer from so many psychological issues is not because it’s an aberrant behavior but due to “discrimination,” “intolerance,” “lack of self esteem,” and “distress over parents’ refusal to accept sexual orientation.” She argues that families need to “go through their own gradual coming out process” in order to accept homosexuality. She asserts that “religion is not always a beneficial force in people’s lives; it can also cause of exacerbate mental health difficulties.” Indeed, the textbook often sounds more like an ideological tract than a science textbook, even stating in one place that “activism for social change, as with the feminist and gay rights movements, is a path for not only changing society but also creating new meaning systems.”

There it is again: the left’s obsession with “changing society.”

Dr. Judith Reisman is a research professor and Director of the Child Protection Institute at Liberty University School of Law, and has written and researched about homosexuality for 30 years. When shown Ingram’s GSEP textbook, she was stunned and says Ingram “engages in ‘identify politics,’ and unscientific, politically correct information that is harmful to students and eventually their emotionally vulnerable clients… it is merely foolish indoctrination….she blames parents and society for alleged gender bias and varieties of what was once understood, and on evidence still is, ‘deviant’ sexual conduct.’”


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