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Pepperdine President Andrew K. Benton

Pepperdine President Andrew K. Benton | @Pepperdine

CONTINUED: Have Barbarians Stormed the Gates at Pepperdine University? (Part 5)


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Part 5 of 8

Pepperdine Joins the Global Warming Crusade

In recent years, Pepperdine has accepted money from some large liberal donors in return for creating academically dubious programs that are now part of Pepperdine’s academic culture. To give one example, the school created a “Center for Sustainability,” which promotes some common sense environmental ideas for the campus, such as the use of solar energy, recycling trash, improving campus air quality and so forth. However, the Center also promotes global warming as a proven fact, even though 31,487 scientists have signed a open statement indicating they do not support the idea of human-created global warming. Of this group, 3,805 specialize in the atmospheric, environmental, and earth sciences.

Clearly, there is NOT a consensus on this issue. Nevertheless, Pepperdine’s undergraduate school refuses to expose its students to any views contrary to the party line: We must shut down entire industries in order to save the Earth. Indeed, in 2014, the Center hosted a three-day symposium called “Climate Calling,” featuring Pepperdine professors making some hysterical pronouncements despite none of them having any climatology training.

Nor did the symposium presenters mention that the average global temperature has remained flat for the 18 years. If global warming was caused, as the left claims, by ever-increasing man-made CO2 emissions, there would not be an 18 year flat line.

Indeed, not only is global warming hotly disputed, but many scientists are now reporting that an era of global cooling may be in our future. In between 1965 and the 1980’s, there were 295 studies by climatologists predicting a “global cooling” trend in the near future.

Pepperdine Professor Stephen Davis, another “expert” with no climate training, told the assembled students that we are now undergoing “historic draught conditions” as a result of global warming. But there’s not a shred of evidence to back that up:

Symposium presenters also claimed the “thermafrost is degrading” in Alaska, but even the official state Alaska climate office says there hasn’t been any substantial warming in Alaska in 40 years. The Center also produced a video attacking fracking, a new technique of extracting oil which is the reason why America is closer than ever to becoming energy self-sufficient and not dependent for oil upon terror-supporting Islamic regimes. No worries though, Pep wants to close fracking down.

The real target of the left’s global warming crusade is, of course, fossil fuels, because without them, our economy shuts down, but that’s what they want since they view America’s capitalist system as essentially evil. That’s obvious to long-time observers of the left but Pepperdine’s administration doesn’t seem to give a whit that the school is being used by liberal ideologues.

Another video calls upon people to disinvest in companies it believes are purposely destroying the environment, which turns out to be yet another nonsensical attack on America’s oil and gas industries.

Then there’s the video about “environmental injustice” which propagates a bizarre conspiracy theory that companies are purposely thrashing the environment in areas where minorities live. No kidding.

These videos were created by students for the symposium under the direction of Professor Craig Detweiler, at that time the director of Pepperdine’s “Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture.”

The symposium’s keynote speaker was Sylvia Earle, a scientist, but with no climate training. She formerly worked at the government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency exposed last year by one of its lead scientists for manipulating climate data to lend support to global warming.

But the left really struck gold when Pepperdine created a “Sustainability Minor” that, among other things, will teach students to be global warming propagandists, many of whom will probably end up working for environmentalist groups dedicated to shutting our economy down.

Good job Pepperdine. So parents are spending $66,000 a year so the school can turn their sons and daughters into leftist ideologues? Why is the board allowing this? As John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, stated, “The impact of humans on climate is not catastrophobic. Our planet is not in peril.” Unfortunately, Coleman passed away before Pepperdine ever had to chance to invite him to speak. It would have been a long wait.


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