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Students Progressives Pawns

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The Latest Pawns of the Progressive Left: Intellectually Underdeveloped Children


It’s getting to be routine that no sooner than political progressives have manipulated and discarded one group of gullible Americans, they latch on to another group to spread their venom.

After practically decimating the National Football League (NFL), taking advantage of its many low-intelligence minority players, they have set their sights on even more malleable citizens. This time it’s high school teenagers, probably the most easily manipulated of all politically gullible groups. Teenagers lack maturity, wisdom that comes with age, adult thinking ability, and every other quality that would enable them to realize they are being used by sinister adults to further a leftist agenda—the disarming of law-abiding American citizens.

Never mind the blather about “gun control”; the Left’s ultimate goal is to disarm patriots.

Tyrants throughout the ages have gone the route of confiscating guns as a means of bringing the people under their thumb. America’s Founders were keenly aware of how tyranny works, so they wrote into the Constitution protection against this very tactic—disarming the citizenry before enslaving them. They were astute enough to realize that one day, America could very well encounter such tyranny. And so we have.

The current farce of high-schoolers lying on the pavement in “protest” and rushing to get to reporters’ microphones to state their case would be comical if it were not so pathetic. These children are being used by the media. Reporters from news outlets are feeding the narrative that these young protesters are legitimate spokespeople for a “noble” cause. Finally, they will force legislators to ban guns.

That simplistic solution of banning guns is what you would expect a teenager, a child, to wrap his sentiments around. It seems easy enough, and it would be were not this nation filled with patriots bound to the founding principle that citizens have a right to bear arms.

Chris Wallace of Fox News, in a recent show, harped on the fact that in the President’s moving speech to calm victims of the tragic shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida, he never mentioned guns. That’s because guns are, among other weapons, only the mechanism by which tragedies are created. The underlying cause of grave tragedy is what deserves primary attention, and most conservatives and patriots realize this fact.

Wallace and the media, as well as the progressive teachers and parents who orchestrated these so-called protests, realize it, too.

But their goal is to take down President Trump, so they conveniently ignore the reality that our rotted culture is taking its toll on everybody, but especially boys. Males who haven’t as yet developed the skills to defend themselves against the insidiousness of those who would destroy them before they can become men. Consequently, those boys strike out using whatever means will bring most attention to their pain. Mass murder usually does the trick.

The situation with these high-schoolers reminds me of an occasion when my college roommate’s family visited our dormitory, one weekend. Her father related a comical incident (as parents are want to do, to embarrass their adult children), which occurred when she was a tricycle-riding toddler. On attempting to round the corner leading to a hallway, she locked the back wheel of the tricycle against the wall. Her solution was “Move this wall.”

That manner of problem-solving is what you would expect from a child, and I contend it is the same deficit reasoning you’ll encounter from teenagers, whose brains, I’ve read, are not yet fully developed.

I know the Left (primarily sex activists who need access to the young for their sick purposes) wants very much to wipe out “childhood” altogether. They want to gain access to the minds of the young more quickly. The sooner they can be viewed as “adults,” the better, before they actually become thinking adults able to defend themselves against leftist manipulation.

You may say mine is a sinister assessment, but I say it is exactly the Left’s intent. Any group of people that can be easily manipulated to carry out the Left’s nefarious purposes is fair game: illegal aliens; undereducated minorities, especially blacks; high-schoolers; and any self-proclaimed victims. In fact, high school is where the anti-American, anti-God indoctrination begins so that by the time they reach college, children are mindless robots ready to do whatever progressive leftists direct (or pay) them to do.

Many parents have essentially abdicated their responsibilities as “adult guides” in exchange for the role of “friend,” to their children’s detriment.

President Trump and mature legislators addressing the issue of gun violence must not be suckered into falling for another leftist scheme. I am quite certain they already see through the ploy of using children as weapons in this issue, but they might be inclined to bow to political correctness. That would be a grave error.

It is my hope that the President and the adults in Washington will educate the children coming before them, as the great “social warriors” they perceive themselves to be (taking full advantage of their time in the spotlight and finagled absence from school, of course).

They must apprise the young “protestors” of how adults, with the wisdom of age and lived experience, handle the complexities of life—citizens’ rights coupled with gun control being one of the more complex of those issues.

© Sylvia Thompson


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