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The Memo: Is It Possible That the FBI and the DOJ Are Corrupt?

By Judith Reisman, PhD* – BarbWire guest contributor

The “Nunes Memo” declassified by President Trump and released to the public on February 2, 2018, describes allegations of deceit and corruption at the FBI and Department of Justice (DoJ) aimed at preventing President Trump’s election. Like earlier accounts of reported corruption and injustice at the Justice Department, such as Sidney Powell’s 2014 book, Licensed to Lie, the latest allegations of misuse of investigatory and prosecutorial power resemble my research-killing odyssey with the Justice Department, the FBI and academia over 30 years ago.

Following a “Crossfire” television Buchanan and Braden interview in 1983, the FBI and DoJ expressed great interest in my work and my theories of the causes for increases of child sex abuse. I agreed to give a two-hour presentation to a small cadre of criminal justice experts on my then-current book project, “From Shirley Temple to Pretty Baby” at an FBI-organized seminar at Sam Houston’s Criminal Justice Center. There I presented evidence of how Alfred Kinsey’s child sexual abuse data shaped education and law and how Playboy systemically used cartoons and images of children being sexually abused. These experts were shaken and Rodger Depue, head of FBI’s behavioral science unit, summed up their views, saying; “we’ve been conned!!”

Depue gathered a blue-ribbon task force on the role of pornography in child sexual abuse. I was on that prestigious task force. And, DOJ’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) approved the “Role of Pornography and Media Violence In Family Violence, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, and Juvenile Delinquency, a DOJ study for which I would serve as principal investigator.

My two-part grant assignment was 1) To analyze Alfred Kinsey’s Indiana University research (“sexology”), Sexual Behavior in The Human Male, 1948 and Sexual Behavior In The Human Female, 1953. My focus was exposure of Kinsey, the GLBTQ icon, for his criminal “orgasmic” experiments on children, 2-months to 14 years; and 2) To lead a team in content analysis of Images Of Children, Crime And Violence In Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler Magazines from 1953-1984.

Our DOJ/FBI/Law enforcement, “Missing Children, Serial Murder Task Force” had high hopes for our unified effort examining, “the effect that pornography and sexology may have upon societal violence in general and juvenile exploitation and abuse in particular.” The task force would develop a coordinated data storage and communication system focused on the causes of child sexual abuse. But, immediately after the grant was approved, a blitzkrieg of mass media aggression followed spearheaded by 13 Washington Post screeds setting off the national press, the American Psychological Association Monitor, Science Magazine and the Chronicle of Higher Education. These organized articles repeatedly condemned the study as unnecessary, silly, and too expensive. My credentials, my Ph.D. in mass media communication were jettisoned, and I was reported as merely a former “Capt. Kangaroo Songwriter.”

My grant, nearly $1 million for two years was overseen by American University in Washington DC. Even before I began my study, I faced a congressional investigation. In fact, in the two years allotted for my research I endured three congressional investigations as well as late night university raids on my files, sabotaging of the records and grant findings and failed efforts to accuse me of financial malfeasance, all staged to invalidate the investigation. In my last conversation with my friend the great Justice Antonin Scalia he dubbed this bullying “governmental harassment.” Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, Bantam Books, represented by the “Freedom to Read Committee of Association of American Publishers,” and Playboy lobbyists, had hand-picked senators and congressmen who enforced the harassment.

My research team documented adult, “soft” pornography and Kinseyan sexology as causal in the emerging brutal and psychopathic sexual abuse of children. Our research exposed criminal, economic, and socio-sexual issues linked to powerful persons and groups. My proofs would critically damage the Kinsey Institute, pornographic profits, Planned Parenthood and the connections between all three.

The Kinsey Institute threatened to sue American University unless they stopped my study of Kinsey—which they did. Shortly afterward, AU president, Dr. Richard Berendzen was arrested for criminal child sexual solicitation via obscene phone calls. Also, the head of the psychology department, Dr. Elliott McGinnies, was arrested in 1986 for child sexual abuse at a Maryland nudist park. I would soon learn that other professors at the university were either perverted, or just weaklings protecting their jobs. Honor is rare in the so-called Academy.

I knew many honorable rank and file officers at DOJ, OJJDP and the FBI. However, leaders are always vulnerable to ambition, blackmail, bribery or threats. A DOJ official confided, when DOJ backpedaled from my research, “Judith, you’re damaged goods.” All my grant research findings “vanished” from OJJDP secure files.

Thanks to the quiet efforts of Dr. Jerry Falwell’s committed and dedicated staff, my original records were reproduced for OJJDP on time. In under 24 hours the ~2000 page report was rejected as “flawed” by American University and DOJ/OJJDP. Corruption oozes out of the “Speirs Memo” (below) which implies imprisonment for any daring to distribute my research findings.


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