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Harvey Weinstein 3

Dense or Devious? Hollywood, Media and Abuse


The series continues. A new week brings new revelations of sexual abuse accusations against men in the Hollywood film industry. This week, actress Uma Thurman is speaking out about Harvey Weinstein’s unwelcome advances. Actress Halle Berry adds her support for the “Me, too” movement. Berry charges that her manager, Vincent Cirrincione, has been abusing “women of color,” adding an odd racial component to the scandal series. In a network news report a publicity photo of Berry shows her wearing a low-cut dress in which half of each of her breasts is exposed.

At the conclusion of the news report, CBS Early Show co-anchor, Gayle King opines, “These men seem to have a problem with the definition of ‘consensual.’” King has massive credibility issues on this subject. Her former Early Show co-anchor, Charlie Rose, was fired after years of similar abuses became public. Her claims of ignorance about Rose’s behavior are unreasonable. King is also familiar with Weinstein, with whom she appears to have been close friends.

Amazingly, at the very next commercial break the network airs a movie trailer for a new film in which several steamy sex-scenes are depicted in succession. The highly unfortunate, raunchy and badly-timed ad shows a man and a woman fondling one another in ways that are appropriate only for a husband and wife in the privacy of their home. The woman in the film clip is not protesting. On the contrary, she appears to be relishing every moment.

NBC News is also tainted by disrepute. Matt Lauer was fired from the Today Show the morning after it was reported that he had engaged in sexual abuse and harassment over a period of many years. Incredibly, Lauer’s Today Show co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, read a statement in which she claimed ignorance and shock, but certainly, no culpability. Is it reasonable to believe that Guthrie had no knowledge of Lauer’s behavior after working with him for many years? Hardly.

Hollywood and the media are two of the most visible institutions that have created the carnal culture that is the breeding ground for the abuses we see today. Both have mocked and attacked America’s moral standard-bearer, the Church. Both have promoted a self-serving and capricious replacement. Both have questioned and scoffed the rule of law, and both have rejected the truth of God to whom all must one day give account.

Psychologists tell us that everything we see and hear is stored away in our minds for years.

Most Hollywood films and television programs have become unfit for consumption by healthy adults and children. It’s no secret that partial nudity, exploitive sex scenes and portrayals of sexual perversion are as addictive to the human mind as any narcotic.

Whether the current trend of declining standards is intentional or by design, remains to be seen. But the absurd outrage of scantily-clad actresses and the high-handed pontificating of moral relativists of news media anchors is too much for a sane person to endure.


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