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Haiti (Image credit: UN Photo/Logan Abassi UNDP Global Public Domain)

Some African Countries Are Excrement Holes, So Is Haiti


For the past several days, those sane ones among us have had to endure the infantile blathering about something President Trump may or may not have said in describing countries composed mostly of people of color. So what if he said whatever he said if it’s true? I would wager that most Americans, myself included, do not care what color the people are in those “excrement holes” (I’d like to describe them the way the President is alleged to have described them, but my text would be censored).

Our primary concern as American patriots is that whatever their color, they are not allowed in our country if they do not bring something of value with them. Something that benefits our nation; nothing else matters.

Places that aren’t hell-holes (and there are many on the globe) don’t force their citizens to flee as a result of despicable treatment at the hands of corrupt, evil leaders, and such leaders come in all colors and ethnicities.

It is evident that some countries are hell-holes, because so many of their citizens risk life and limb to come to the United States and other countries that make up Western Civilization, those countries that provide rights and freedoms for their citizens.

On any given continent, you can find such hell-holes. As an example, here in North America where we reside, there is no full-scale invasion of illegal Canadians coming over our northern border with Canada. That’s because Canada is not a hellhole. Consequently, a northern border wall is not a necessity. Mexico on our southern border, by contrast, constantly dumps its refuse into our country, and has the audacity to condemn us if we complain.

Well, complain we will, and the complaining will continue until the immigration goals of anti-American, progressive forces are crushed. Also among the Left’s more nefarious goals is the transformation of America into a godless, socialist, wished-for “utopia.” Unfortunately for them, utopias are a fantasy, so what we patriots will be left with, if the progressive Left has its way, is the destruction of the greatest nation on this earth. This eventuality must not be allowed to occur.

Donald Trump is the only President, to date, who has made a serious effort to fight those forces, and patriots are firmly in support of him.

We will not sit idly by while the corrupt Democrat Party and establishment types among Republicans attempt to transform our country into something the Founders never intended for it to be—a mishmash of warring ethnics just waiting for a more stable nation to take us over. This cannot and will not be America’s end.

Thinking patriots are not fooled by the latest leftist media ploy to cast President Trump as racist. This time, because he spoke the truth (whatever words he used) regarding the undesirability of people from certain countries immigrating to America. My suggestion to President Trump is that he stop responding to the media’s asinine queries regarding any matters of race. They don’t deserve a response.

I say to all people who are not racist, ignore the fools who describe you as such. This suggestion goes primarily to white Americans who seem especially susceptible to charges of racism, given our nation’s history. We are now in our nation’s present and much has changed for the better since our troubled past. So, let’s get on with life in the present, shall we?

Black racism, since the election of Donald Trump, however, seems to be alive and well, and on the rise. Fortunately, black awareness of just how pernicious the progressive Left’s abuse of American blacks has been is also on the rise. It’s heartening to see the numbers of independent-thinking blacks, who are willing to speak out against perpetual victimhood.

These thinking black Americans know that leftist black politicians and so-called black “leaders” (the NAACP and similar groups) have no genuine interest in the masses of American blacks. Like their white leftist counterparts, they view unschooled blacks as fodder to advance a leftist, anti-American agenda. The Left spurs discontent among disillusioned blacks and enables constant protest to express that discontent.

No gains in civil liberties or reversals of injustice seem ever to be recognized. Nothing is ever enough, and the boundaries of civil and acceptable human behavior are pushed out further and further. Something has got to give. Thankfully, the NFL “kneeling” debacle (where players demeaned the Flag, the National Anthem, and the military by “taking a knee”) may just be that breaking point. That fiasco has shed light on just how unsuccessful the “constant protest” strategy is becoming.

Shelby Steele, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, Stanford University has penned an interesting article on this subject, and it is well worth the read.* One crucial point made in Steele’s article is that white Americans seem finally to be waking up to the ploy of constant protests, and to that I say, “It’s about time.” Now, let’s see if my Caucasian fellow Americans will finally say “Enough,” and act on that ultimatum.



* Article by Shelby Steele, “Black Protest Has Lost It’s Power: Have whites finally found the courage to judge African-Americans fairly by universal standards?”

© Sylvia Thompson


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