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Augustus Nicodemus na Conferência Nacional Ligonier março 2017 2

Augustus Nicodemus at Ligonier

Why Cannot a Cessationist Calvinist Theologian Use His Pulpit for Crusades against Abortion


The church should be concerned about feminism, homosexuality, abortion and global warming scams, a Brazilian Calvinist leader seemed to suggest at the 2017 Ligonier National Conference held last March.

Even though Rev. Augustus Nicodemus is famous among Brazilian Calvinists, his fame has not reached the pro-life and pro-family world. In massive rallies against abortion and the gay agenda, his presence is missing, while many charismatic, neo-Pentecostal and Pentecostal ministers take a public stand. Most noted Christian activist against abortion and the gay agenda in Brazil is Silas Malafaia, a well-known Assemblies of God minister. He is an adherent of neo-Pentecostalism.

Theological Liberalism in the Most Prominent Calvinist University in Brazil

In his speech at the Ligonier National Conference, Nicodemus said,

“When the church gives in to internal errors and external pressures, the effects are first felt in its theology. Then there are changes in the ethics and morality of the church. It leaves God’s Word aside and follows what society thinks about feminism, homosexuality and abortion. It becomes more, much more concerned with global warming than with God’s holiness. Soon the worship of God is affected. It goes on to reflect the centrality of men and in the veneration of culture — theology of glory. In the end all this expels from the pulpits biblical exposition.”

Was Nicodemus talking about Mackenzie Presbyterian University (MPU), where he was a chancellor? MPU has prominent professors who are:

* Prominent advocates of abortion. In a Senate hearing on August 6, 2015, MPU professor Márcia Tiburi said, “To vociferate against abortion is just a biopolitical way to control women’s lives. Abortion legalization is a fundamental part of a socially responsible democratic process.”

* Prominent advocates of homosexuality. MPU professor Marcelo Moreira Neumann, author of the Brazilian study “Homophobic Bullying and School Performance,” defends automatic gender neutrality in birth registries.

* Prominent advocates of Marxism. MPU professor Osvaldo Coggiola has several books defending Marxism, including the Cuban Revolution.

It is so no wonder that a radical gay activist in Brazil has praised Mackenzie Presbyterian University for its secular outlook, even though it was founded by Calvinists and it is officially owned by the Presbyterian Church of Brazil.

Nicodemus’s speech at the Ligonier National Conference was a total contradiction of his 10-year tenure (2003 to 2013) as chancellor at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. His departure from the MPU chancellery happened after I exposed that he had invited Jean Wyllys, a prominent homosexual activist, for a debate in MPU.

So what accounts for the Mackenzie Presbyterian University to have pro-sodomy, pro-abortion and Marxist professors?

Let us try the very arguments made by Nicodemus.

* Has the MPU owner, the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, given in to internal errors and external pressures?

* Has the MPU owner, the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, had changes in its ethics and morality?

* Has the MPU owner, the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, left God’s Word aside and followed what society thinks about feminism, homosexuality and abortion?

What is the explanation for the Mackenzie Presbyterian University to have pro-sodomy, pro-abortion and Marxist professors? Perhaps because MPU chancellors waste much of their time in crusades against charismatics, Pentecostals and neo-Pentecostals, but they do not use their pulpit for crusades against abortion, sodomy and feminism.

To read the full article, use this link:

Portuguese version of this article: Por que um teólogo calvinista cessacionista não pode usar seu púlpito para cruzadas contra o aborto, a sodomia e o feminismo, mas pode usá-lo para cruzadas contra pentecostais e neopentecostais?


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