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Is Obama the Antichrist? And Has God Raised Up Trump?

By Mitch Graves

When this was postulated repeatedly during the eight years of his ‘reign’. my response was always the same.

I said, “No, I don’t believe Obama is the antichrist, but he’ll do as a stand-in till the real one shows up.” As any honest review of BO’s actions will prove, nearly everything he did that concerned Christianity, and/or Israel was to our detriment.

His disdain, dare I say ‘hatred’, was thinly veiled and occasionally popped to the surface in his remarks. But it was always clear by his actions. Those terribly ignorant of GOD’s word and requirements insisted BO was a Christian, but when measured by his “fruits’ according to GOD’s word it was clear he was a wolf who only bothered pretending to be a sheep occasionally.

The situation we now have, where some are declaring (as if they are GOD) that President Trump is, or ‘is not’, a Christian based on their observances and evaluation of his actions.

The lying left loves to bring up how he behaved decades ago to “prove” he is not a Christian (big surprise). and the fans of POTUS bring up his behavior today.

Let’s be clear about this. No one is going to qualify as a Christians if their behavior from BEFORE they were a Christian the measure used. This is the absurd suggestion of the left when they are attacking anyone who identifies as a Christian.

I am not GOD, therefore I will not claim President Trump to be one of GOD’s people. But here is what I do know:

I know that in almost every situation he has faced about Israel, President Trump has done as GOD’s word would direct.

I know that in almost every case concerning Christians, and Christian related issues, president Trump has chosen to follow the principles of the Word of GOD.

I know that he has honored our allies, but he has demanded better behavior of them.

He has also demanded better behavior of those who are our enemies and all those with which we trade.

He has worked hard to rebuild and protect our nation and our Natural Rights.

He has stood against and exposed those who are trying to abuse and use us both foreign and domestic.

And ALL of these things are right in line with GOD’s word.

The saddest thing about all of this is the foolishness and ignorance of so many who call themselves ‘Christian’. Those religious people who actually believe that GOD is more concerned with how you seem; how holy you pretend to be, RATHER than what you actually do.

These are the “religious” that JESUS was constantly attacking for their hypocrisy and stupidity. People who want you to look and act ‘holy” and just the way they FEEL you should act and speak and don’t consider for a second what GOD says about things. These are the folks who would have helped try to shove JESUS off the cliff for exposing the phoniness of the religious Jews. They would have attacked JESUS for picking grain from a field on the Sabbath and all the other “laws” he broke. They would have shouted for Barabbas at HIS trial.

I have a message for those folks.

Whether President Trump is saved or not, he is CLEARLY the chosen leader GOD has lifted up to this place at this time. His actions show a very close compliance with GOD’s clearly expressed will according to the Bible. The ‘evidence” based on his works is overwhelmingly good that he does indeed know CHRIST as his personal savior and LORD. And only those who do not know GOD’s word, or are not truly saved or submitted to GOD would be foolish enough to argue this point as the evidence is remarkable thus far.

I prayed for Obama and I pray for President Trump.

And here is something you can take to the bank: When you talk to those who claim to be Christians and yet despise President Trump, you will find that almost none of them pray for him.

IF they were really saved, AND if they actually prayed for him, GOD would soon let them see the truth.

If you love GOD, you will do as HE commanded and pray for our leaders.

Note the word “FOR” in that sentence. You don’t have to agree with them on every, or even any points, but if you want to please GOD you will pray FOR them.

Those who do not, can not expect GOD to use those leaders to bless them and they can’t expect GOD to show them anything that HE is doing through them.

To refuse to pray is to “opt-out” of GOD’s will and revelation in this area.


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