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Matt Barber Launches Aggressive New Legal Group: ‘Christian Civil Rights Watch’

(Editor’s note: BarbWire asks that you prayerfully consider helping to launch Christian Civil Rights Watch, a totally innovative and critical new attack dog legal organization, by contributing your fully tax-deductible donation here:

On Monday, Matt Barber, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, former Associate Dean of Liberty University School of Law, and former VP of Liberty Counsel Action, announced the launch of a new, principled and aggressive Christian legal/public policy organization —  Christian Civil Rights Watch (CCRW).

Christian Civil Rights Watch is a group of Christian legal watchmen who educate, communicate and, where necessary, litigate. CCRW will proactively fight to restore justice for faithful Bible believers’ Constitutionally protected civil rights. The organization aims to fulfill the mandate of God’s word to leave a legacy of religious free exercise for current and future generations of Christ followers. Whereas other Christian legal groups (wonderful and important organizations all) act more as defense attorneys, CCRW will function like prosecutors, proactively taking the fight directly to anti-Christian extremists.

Barber, who is CCRW’s Co-Founder and General Counsel, said, “It’s time to go on the offense! It’s time to fight for true civil rights. The battle lines are drawn. Restoring Christian civil rights is the civil rights struggle of our time. Cultural Marxists, church-state separatists, ‘progressive’ anti-Christian religious segregationists and ‘LGBT’ sexual anarchists now openly attack our liberty. Who watches them?”

“To fully advance the causes of radical feminism, abortion-on-demand, unfettered sexual license, ‘gay marriage’ and the like, the pagan left must do away with religious free exercise and Christian civil rights altogether,” continued Barber.

“Under the guise of ‘anti-discrimination,’ Christians today face discrimination at unprecedented levels. CCRW intends to reverse this growing trend,” concluded Barber.

CCRW Co-founder Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD, is a former Navy Chaplain who served in the Colorado legislature, and took a stand defending the right to pray “in Jesus’ name.”

Klingenschmitt says, “I’m so proud of my friend Matt Barber for standing up this new watchdog legal organization, and glad my non-profit Pray In Jesus’ Name can be a partner in its initial foundation. CCRW will go on the offense for religious liberty in court, we’re already suing anti-Christians in two states, and taking on domestic enemies of the Constitution. Matt will prove in court that Christians have civil rights too.”

Please partner with CCRW to help defend YOUR Christian Civil Rights. Contribute online here:, or donate by mailing a check or money order to the address below.

Christian Civil Rights Watch is a national non-profit 501c3 charity authorized for tax-deductible donations mailed to: Christian Civil Rights Watch, P.O. Box 77077, Colorado Springs, CO 80970. Visit the CCRW Website at


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