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We Can Love Youth While Protecting Them From Harmful Educational Movements


Since the event we held last weekend, TRUTH4TEENS, we have learned additional information simply based on the backlash. We expected there would be people disagreeing with us, but I was surprised at the swift deflection tactics used by the gay press and many gay mobbers, who tried to roll back the discussion about what the LGBT educational lobby is doing to endanger teenagers. They want us to respond instead to juvenile mockery of Derek Paul, a gifted dancer whom they have ridiculed as acting “gay.”

Also they have come onto my Facebook wall to spew profanity and insults. See just a sampling of the vile comments:

We need to take very serious looks at the backlash from LGBTs because it confirms why this movement must be purged entirely from all educational settings. It also gives you a glimpse of what LGBT-affirming culture does to people. And it shows the impressive power and resources of the networks trying to gain access to underage children.

We are in the midst of a massive public awakening to sexual exploitation. Lots of young people may develop attraction to the same sex or confusion/angst about their femininity or masculinity. This population of blessed young people is ironically the very population targeted and exploited by people calling themselves the “LGBT community.” The gay community has managed to hide its own complicity in the national problem of sex abuse by demonizing, attacking, and silencing people who know and speak about the abuse of children within gay culture.

1. Get LGBT material out of our schools NOW

Don’t wait any longer. Yes, there have been churches and communities that were mean to gay individuals here and there. But that’s besides the point. The backlash from the LGBT community shows what their underlying assumptions are. They believe that anybody like Derek who expresses himself contrary to gender stereotypes must be available to homosexuals for sex. They assume that they can alienate people who do not think sodomy is their only option by mocking them and getting Christian communities to reject them. It is clear that the LGBT community wants Christian communities to reject people labeled “gay,” because as long as Christians do so, then such people have no choice but to remain in the gay social world where there is constant pressure on them to have sex.

The people publishing cruel mockery of Derek represent, literally, the voice of the LGBT educational lobby. These are people who are totally incapable of engaging in reasonable discourse. They are geared toward changing the way other people think by pressuring them through the threat of humiliation. They are fundamentally incorrect in their assumptions about sex, identity, and attraction. And they are especially hostile to people who reject their sexual advances. In other words, they are vicious predators of the highest order and they have managed to get into your children’s schools.

Get them out. Get them out now.

2. What LGBT-affirming culture does to people

On my Facebook wall, respected community leaders, including a director of a New York City gallery and a Chicago lawyer, posted remarks like “YOU ARE A FAG” and “you are sad and damaged.” They speak as representatives of the LGBT community because that is, in fact, what they do: they represent exactly what the LGBT community is, how it conducts itself, and what it will do when it is affirmed by popular culture the way we have done in recent years.

These people have no self-awareness or restraint in posting ignorant, profane remarks in public because they have been told through “LGBT-affirming culture” that their sexual practices afford them membership in an elite class that cannot be challenged or punished. These are not people who have been oppressed or know anything at all about being discriminated against. They have been affirmed, told to feel proud, celebrated, protected, and shielded without having done anything to earn such special treatment. Having been given such exceptional privilege, they view people who do not receive their level of protection as lesser beings. Then they treat them with contempt and scorn.

This community comprises the people who would be responsible for integrating LGBT curriculum in your school. So basically you are allowing tyrannical, vicious, insulting people who feel untouchable to come into your school and get special access to your children.

3. The Networks and Power Behind This

It is no coincidence that I am suddenly receiving a steady flow of vile messages from people I do not know. Media Matters, Right Wing Watch, the Advocate, and other major gay press outlets published derisive stories about the #Teens4Truth conference. They have enormous amounts of money which have been donated to them by people believing they were helping a needy minority. In reality, these groups spend almost no money on providing life services and spend all of it on hiring people to engage in political pressure.

If you let these networks get into your schools through LGBT curriculum, you will not be able to combat them. They have more lawyers and money. They can hire more people to doxx, harass, and interfere with your life. They are that big. You need to get up and push back now.

4. This is how sexual abuse flourishes-through silencing

What we are witnessing is a repeat of the same cultural trends that allowed for massive sexual abuse to flourish in past contexts. Inappropriate sexual conduct between adults and young people is disguised, camouflaged, justified, and glorified, while critiques of it are punished.


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