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Roy Moore for Senate

This Woman Stands with Judge Roy Moore


As has become the pattern with the Left when they are being eviscerated politically, they trot out the vilest of accusations against whomever fits their latest challenge. Judge Roy Moore, who recently won the Alabama state primary against a more establishment Republican candidate, is their new challenge, and like clockwork they have found a “victim” to throw at the judge’s feet.

Judge Moore, like President Trump, is one to be feared. He is a fierce fighter for conservative and Christian causes, and that alone renders him a severe threat to the Republican establishment and the ungodly Left. I sincerely hope he is ready to take on this latest attempt to keep him out of the Senate.

It is now routine for leftist media to dredge up women to use as weapons against politically conservative men. They used the tactic against presidential candidate Herman Cain, and he, by his own admission, was simply unable to finance the necessary legal battle to clear his name. Consequently, he could not continue the race. They did it even more recently to Fox News’ Sean Hannity who, owing to supportive viewers, was able to ward them off.

What galls me is that too many conservative men are quick to cower to political correctness by immediately sympathizing with the female involved, despite sometimes decades of silence. It is interesting that these revelations so often coincide with a man’s seeking a political position.

Even more grating are the faux-conservative Republican politicians, such as John McCain, who without any substantive evidence are already demanding that the Judge step down. Judge Moore should ignore them all.

I frankly am not too concerned about guilt or innocence at this point. What concerns me more is whether or not a person accused of anything is given the chance to have his “day in court,” before he is condemned in the morally corrupt court of leftist public opinion.

Rabid feminists and their sycophants, have so shaped the cultural dialogue that we are now living with a sad state of affairs. Today, if a woman says sexual impropriety (or outright intercourse) happened, the leftist assumption is, it happened. And that conclusion is maliciously dangerous. Accusations may well be valid, but it is just as likely they are not.

I have never considered myself a feminist, because the term “feminism” is in my view, a leftist construct. I am a self-driven, independent woman, and feminism reeks of victimization.

The premise of feminism is that women are victims, particularly of men, and we must be shielded and protected.

Not only do leftist feminists mistrust men, they also mistrust those of us females who have absolutely no problem with men, as men. Yes, we take issue with their behavior, at times, but never with the fact that they are men: who sit with their legs agape (for anatomical reasons), who outstrip us in general physical strength (also an anatomical reality), who are more inclined to do dangerous things, sometimes ridiculously dangerous (they’ve got more testosterone), and who are innately, strongly attracted to females. When these kinds of things become a problem for women, those women are themselves a problem.

This is my non-politically-correct take on some of the madness feminism has wrought.

On rape. The same political correctness that drives much of the discussion regarding men and women in our culture has conjured up a strange definition of rape. Back when I was growing up, it referred to a man (often unknown) forcing himself on an unwilling woman to have sex. Feminists have construed it to be any sex between a man and a woman that the woman might regret having had, after the fact. Newsflash: After the fact is too darn late. It isn’t rape; it’s dissatisfaction with the outcome of what was otherwise, consensual sex.

On marital rape. Given that Almighty God established sex in marriage and set the obligation for a man and a woman to fulfill each other’s needs, “marital rape” is an oxymoron. Marriage is for sex (among other things). Any behavior in a marriage that even approaches the true definition of rape is “assault and battery.” That is how such behavior of a man toward his wife would have been characterized before the feminist Left twisted the conception of what marriage is.

On mutual responsibility. As with so much else in our rotted culture, the Left has succeeded in neutering the term “responsibility.” Women effectively (and often to their detriment) have been fed the lie that their behavior should not have anything to do with how men react to them. Sexually provocative behavior (including apparel) has been throughout the ages designed to entice men. It is the grease that skids the wheels of procreation. That fact will not be changed by any fiction concocted by feminists.

Some men will be mature enough, especially Christian men, not to be overcome by deliberate enticement, but others will be happy to take advantage of it. Thus, we are contending with rampant sexual promiscuousness and all the attendant harm it brings: more aborted children, more fatherless children, more disillusioned women, and on and on. This is the poisonous “legacy” of the modern-day feminist Left.

Our complete rejection of the biblical statement of where men and women stand in Almighty God’s scheme of things has rendered ours one sick, perverted society when it comes to matters of sex.

So, I do blame the victim in instances where they bring on the behavior that harms them. More to the point, they are an affront to me. I have no need to destroy men to validate my own worth or to cover over my responsibilities toward them. My strength is independent of my being female. It comes from my understanding and acceptance of God’s plan for how men and women should relate to each other.

For a thinking, independent woman like me, feminism is unnecessary. It’s time we make that fact known.

© Sylvia Thompson


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