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Air Force Colonel Leland Bohannon

USAF Col. Leland Bohannon, seen here with his family, was suspended from command over his views, according to his attorney. (First Liberty Institute)

Air Force Colonel Grounded for Not ‘Affirming’ Same-Sex ‘Marriage’


Is it still his Air Force?

Remember when the mission of the Air Force was to deter America’s enemies from attacking her, or, if they chose not to be deterred, defeating them?

Well, that’s Job No. 2. Apparently Job No. 1, nowadays, is to make a couple of sodomites feel good about themselves.

A decorated Air Force colonel, a combat veteran, has been denied promotion, his career probably over, because he “refused to publicly affirm the same-sex marriage of a retiring subordinate.” Note the colonel did not climb up on a soapbox and denounce sodomy and its practitioners. All he did was not affirm the wicked parody of holy matrimony. Laws used to tell you what you couldn’t do, but now they also tell you what you must do. Let freedom ring.

Once again the Left–in this case, the leftid creatures implanted by Obama into the highest ranks of our armed services–imposes a religious test, in flagrant defiance of the Constitution. It really is beginning to look like you’ve got to trample on the Cross if you want to hold any kind of public position.

This would be a good time for the Commander-in-Chief to step in and say, “Oh, no, you don’t!” 

To force decent people to make a public endorsement of sin ought to be intolerable in America. To weed the loony leftids out of our top brass would be an invaluable service to the country.

Until this shameful injustice is rectified, three boos to the Air Force.


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