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Tarana Burke Me Too

Why The ‘Me Too’ Campaign Most Likely Won’t Change Anything


There are many things that people are really good at that they shouldn’t be.

One of those things is protesting problems — including very real and serious ones — while avoiding anything that would actually work toward solving them.

I have a feeling that, for the most part, the current ‘Me Too’ campaign on Facebook will prove to be an example of this.

Actress Alyssa Milano revived the campaign created by Tarana Burke in 2007. The idea was for “all women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted” to have ‘Me Too’ as their Facebook status, in order to “give men a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”

There is a foundational weakness in this premise which will, ultimately, keep the campaign from having much of any effect. The weakness is that the problem of sexual harassment and assault is being blamed simply on “men.”

That’s not to say that men aren’t to blame for the problem, or that women are. The issue, rather, is that the roots of the problem go much deeper than this. And these roots involve things that too many men and women have no interest in addressing or challenging.

A given person’s attitudes about sexuality will generally be built on one of two things. It will either be built on the Creator’s design, or it will be built on the premise that there is neither a design nor a Designer. Of course, people who reject the Designer may still follow selected parts of the design; and, in fact, most of them will. But they ultimately won’t have much basis for doing so beyond personal preference.

In our age we’ve clearly seen what happens when people have nothing higher to base their standards on than their own personal preferences. The resulting standards generally are not very high, are not very firm, are very much self-serving, and don’t involve delaying or denying gratification.

These kinds of non-standards have been drilled into people — by society, by the media, by so-called “education” — for generations now. And, with typical human hypocrisy, we decry the inevitable outcomes of these non-standards even while holding them ourselves, and demanding that others hold them as well.

When men disrespect and objectify women, it has a lot to do with what they were taught as boys. For generations, boys — and girls, for that matter — have been taught the following and more: They’re just evolved animals. There is no objective basis for morality, especially sexual morality. If they’re not experiencing lots of sex from an early age, they’re badly missing out. Sexual limits are needless and oppressive. Sexual limits are only there because some “religious” bad guys don’t want anyone to have fun. People who save sex for marriage are fools. Females who save sex for marriage are bitches and cockteases.

What kind of thinking and behavior does anyone really expect from men who were given these messages as impressionable boys?

How many women (and men) have had no problem with these messages being sent? How many women (and men) have been willing participants in sending them?

In contrast, the Creator’s design calls for men to be leaders and protectors of women and children. It calls each of them to be committed and faithful to one woman — even with their eyes and their imaginations. It calls them to master their drives rather than being mastered by them. It calls them to live in an understanding manner with a partner that has very different needs and desires from their own. Overall, it holds men to much higher standards than they would hold themselves to.

Does anyone really want to combat sexual harassment and assault? Then let them stand up, boldly and unambiguously, for the Creator’s design for sexuality. Otherwise, their efforts — all good intentions notwithstanding — are pointless.


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