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Back to the Big Lie: The Falsehood Fest Is Underway


It’s campaign season in many states, which means that the quadrennial falsehood fest is underway. ‘Tis the season when liberal Democrat political candidates proliferate the tired old lie that there is nothing wrong with the public school system that huge infusions of additional taxpayer cash cannot remedy.

For fifty years, this false and transparent assertion has been foisted upon citizens and taxpayers in stark opposition to historical fact and objective reality. While most other liberal schemes have been utterly discredited, this one continues to thrive thanks to deceptive ad campaigns and busy, overburdened taxpayers who haven’t the time, energy or inclination to examine the data.

While federal spending on public education has increased four-fold since 1970, the quality of education services, by every measure, has remained stagnant or declined.
Academic achievement in reading, math and science–the areas most necessary to the prepare students to become competent workers and informed citizens has not improved over the past forty-seven years. U.S. students now rank 24th in science and reading and 40th in math scores. Portugal and Poland outperform American kids.

Most people know better than to fiddle with success which is why the pact between teachers’ unions and liberal politicians endures. The unions supply much needed campaign cash to liberal politicians. Once elected, liberal politicians repay the unions by passing fat compensation packages for public school employees and shielding them from pesky standards of academic and personal accountability.

It’s a convenient and lucrative system of quid pro quo that has benefited liberals in government and liberals in schools for over fifty years, but at great expense to children and taxpayers. Our educational institutions are not centers of academic learning, but rather, leftist political indoctrination camps–a fact that is no longer disputed.

A crooked situation decays further because of a second fallacy, that compassion toward children demands devotion to teachers and their unions. Liberals push the false narrative even further by accusing those who seek to end the public school monopoly of hating kids. In fact, the opposite is the case. Informed and caring adults will not choke kids’ futures by sending them to public schools if any alternative is available to them. Teachers’ unions and Democrats are desperate to deny them a way of escape which is why they oppose every alternative choice that is proposed.

Public officials who advocate for fair competition with the status quo by promoting school choice are categorically condemned as heretics who desire only to “take money out of public schools.” Public assets should necessarily follow public liabilities. When students leave the public system, funding should follow them, whether to private schools, Christian schools or home schools.

Competition is the engine that encourages efficiency in every industry. The education of children demands the benefit of honest and equitable competition. Equipping the minds of the next generation is too important a task to be relegated to unworthy pandering politicians and union leaders. This last liberal stronghold must be breached. One thing is certain. Repeating the same failures over and over never results in success.

The decline of public schools began gradually, as usually occurs. First, prayer to Almighty God was prohibited in schools. Next, the fantasy of evolution was ushered in under the pretext of science and any mention of Christian belief was banished. Then, since scripture is the foundation of truth and God is its Author, history, science and social sciences were also perverted.

Today, public schools are openly hostile to all things Christian, and legitimate constitutional freedom of religion is rejected by the very institutions that were originally created for the purpose of teaching men and women to fulfill the Great Commission. Generations of young people are convinced of a compound lie–that “climate change,” caused by mankind, will make the planet uninhabitable in fifty years or less.

The conflict and violence that erupt in cities across the country are the direct result of the consistent failure in public education and school-sponsored indoctrination. Violence inflicted by Antifa and BLM, innumerable public controversies and repulsive NFL national anthem spectacles are simply the bitter fruit of decades of fraud, lack of accountability and socio-political experimentation in public schools and colleges.

Teachers may not be educating your children, but they will always work overtime to lecture voters on the foolish fallacy that improving public schools requires nothing other than more and more money.

Almighty God has declared order in the world, and His order is inviolable. Everything on earth “reproduces after its kind.” Even the atheist understands this whether he acknowledges its Source or not. Therefore, it’s absurd and irrational to believe that a godless, socialist, anti-American system of education is capable of producing anything other than godless, socialist, anti-American graduates.

“Public school education” in America has become an oxymoron. We can and must do a far better job of training America’s future citizens by any means necessary. After all, America’s children are not only America’s future; they are your future and our common legacy.


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