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Tony Perkins SOTF

Keeping One Eye Open on Government


“See something, say something.”

In an age of terrorism, we’re used to lending government a hand when it comes to alerting authorities about potential threats to American lives. But what about threats from government entities to our God-given constitutional freedoms? Can we trust government agencies that have been staffed during the eight-year reign of a lawless Obama regime to protect the freedom of hardworking Americans who seek to live their lives according to their faith?

Last Friday, in the wake of scaling back the oppressive HHS mandate, the Trump administration also announced guidance to the Department of Justice (DOJ) directing federal agencies to respect religious freedom. This was a much-awaited implementation of the executive order on religious liberty signed by President Trump in May. As I told Martha MacCallum on Fox News Friday evening, this day could be considered as the “religious Armistice Day” – the day that the federal government’s attack on people of faith ceased in America.

Policies that restore the rightful place of our first freedom are a step in the right direction, but with government we know all too well that policies don’t always translate into practice. As the Trump administration seeks to roll back the unconstitutional anti-religious policies enacted and enforced by the Obama administration, resistance by the entrenched Left will be strong. Federal positions staffed by Obama loyalists may be tempted to look the other way when faced with violations of religious freedom, hoping they never see the light of day.

That’s where you and I can help. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people requires vigilance by the people to protect our unalienable rights. We want to hold government accountable for its actions in respecting the religious freedom of the American people. To that end, we’ve created a reporting tool to help expose such violations where they occur. If you or anyone you know has had their freedom threatened in the workplace, say something.


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