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Let’s Have a Conversation about Gun Laws … to Expand the Second Amendment


For the past two months, I have encountered Brown Supremacist bigots and single-payer cult militants. They claim to have a discussion about these contentious issues, but invariably they incite arguments with name-calling, brow-beating, and shame-placing. Then they get angry when I call them out on their hateful tactics. Their retort? “You don’t want to have a conversation!”

For the Left, there is no interest in discussion. They have neither the skill set nor the knowledge base for any meaningful conservation. Look no further than their social justice warrior godfather Saul Alinsky. His televised “debate” with William F. Buckley turned into shoddy attempts to focus on host’s mannerisms, habits, and motives.

There is no better battleground to show that the Left is losing the debate (and credibility) than on the Second Amendment. With crude clockwork predictability, the Democrats went ballistic over gun control following the mass shooting in Las Vegas: the worst in U.S. history. The indoctrination is beyond devastating. This massacre was malevolent evil at its worst.  The carnage, the underlying civil unrest from left-wing elements like Antifa and By Any Means Necessary will choosing to stop at nothing.

Even now, though, these progressive demands for gun control have failed before, and it is completely failing now. Saul Alinsky’s brood of degenerates can only shame the opposition. It worked for about 20 years. But new media, and the programming on YouTube from conservative super-stars have shown how to debate the Left: shame their misleading ideas and names, then provide the audience with hard-core facts and figures, then turn the tables.

The gun-control hypocrisy of the Left and the never-ending, butt-hurt liberals (who still want Hillary) never ceases. Crooked Hillary wants to go after silencers and stall the repeal of the ban on silencers. Really? How would such actions have prevented the rampant carnage from a casino high-rise? The information is still trickling it, but clearly this massacre was planned over months, with a radical agenda behind it. Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo—a Republican, no less—has already peeled back the militant, perhaps Islamic background on the mass murderer Stephen Paddock.

Democrats still want to politicize, and want to seize guns. That’s just shameful. Guns don’t kill people. People do, and the evil in man’s heart won’t go away by taking away firearms from law-abiding citizens. This is a fallen world, folks. Our President had the direct, simple forethought to announce that this attack was evil. Thank God, we have leadership in Washington that is not afraid to say Islamic terrorism. They are not afraid to call out radical Islam. They are also not ashamed to put the safety of American citizens first. Ignoring the real issues behind this massacre, the left-wing media, the Democrats, the academics, and now sports officials are clamoring for more gun control. “We need to stop the guns! We need to stop the sale of firearms. We need to do everything we can to ensure that fewer people can get their hands on any firearms!”

Then President Trump declares: “We’ll be talking about gun laws.”

I could not agree more. Let’s talk about gun laws. The Democratic Party shoots itself in the foot on this issue, and they already have their feet inconveniently shoved into their collective mouths. Please rage about gun control, Democrats. Their chances for any Congressional wins are precarious already, and another assault on the Second Amendment will ensure Republican control in Congress and statehouses across the country after Election 2018. How about red state Democratic US Senators are up for re-election again?! Even blue state senators should treat lightly. US senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut still openly avowed that he wants to seize guns. That didn’t go over too well in his home state of Connecticut, where the arrogant governor cannot balance the budget, townships are facing bankruptcy, and massive civil disobedience ensued following a gun registration attempt. Republicans will sweep Connecticut, and rest assured they will make the Second Amendment Great Again.

Then let’s talk about the high gun murder rates, and where the clear majority of them occur in gun-control jurisdictions. The best rebuttal to the predicable call for gun control pointed back to where most gun violence explodes the fiercest: Chicago, Illinois, with “Sanctuary City” Rahm Emmanuel overseeing one crisis after another. In Las Vegas, 59 Americans were gunned down, with hundreds more wounded. The same number were murdered in Chicago over the past weekend, with countless lives lost already by this year, and no one cares. I thought that black lives mattered, and yet mostly black lives lie bloodied, wiped out all over Chicago’s streets. In response, the Left says and does nothing.  (Let’s also talk about the gun runners who rob trains and steal massive number of firearms.) Of course, the Left doesn’t want to talk about gun control. There is no basis for it.

What’s the solution? More gun rights legislation. Congress needs to pass national reciprocity, a piece of legislation introduced by Congressman Richard Hudson (R-North Carolina). The Second Amendment is not a suggestion, but a reality. There is no negotiating the rights of individual citizens to keep and bear arms. The discussion has only gotten more desperate for the left, of course. How about ensuring that this precious right enjoys full exercise by all citizens?

Then let’s talk about Connecticut’s neighbor Vermont, a blue state with a red governor. They have the most liberal gun laws despite the state’s progressive reputation and socialist US Senator. Did you know that Second Amendment advocates call constitutional carry “Vermont Carry”? Why not enact similar policy reforms on a national level! The protection for Second Amendment rights are so strong, the Montpelier government outlawed local gun control ordinances long ago. In my own city of Torrance, the city council had to roll back gun control provisions following a ruling from the 9th Circuit. That was just one year ago!

I am with the President. Let’s discuss gun laws, and enhance the full exercise of the Second Amendment.


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