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G.K. Chesterton

The Myth of Omnipotent Government, Religion of The Left


You have to understand leftism as a species of religion, because that’s what it is. It has a creed based on totally false assumptions, among which are these:

Human nature is infinitely adjustable, and therefor, in the long run, perfectible. There just has to be a way to make us perfect, and if we keep tinkering away at it, we will eventually find it.

The only practical instrument for perfecting the human race is government; and the government must be given as much power as it takes to do that.

There is no human problem that cannot be solved by Real Smart People applying lots and lots of force, backed up by lots and lots of money.

This is why the things that leftids say sound so bizarre to normal people. Based on the premises given above, they believe government can bring about things that are, in fact, impossible: that fly in the face of human nature and the nature of reality.

What do they promise, that can never be delivered, no matter how much power you give the government?

Oh, just to name a few: income equality; no more poverty; no more war; no more racism, not even unintentional, unconscious, or “systemic” racism; no more bumps and potholes in the economy; no more distinctions of any kind among assorted groups of people (the pursuit of “diversity” through coerced uniformity); no more “hate”; they’ll “fix” the climate, controlling vast natural processes that no one truly understands; total sexual liberation, including stress-free “gender reassignment”… Or, to sum it up, as G.K. Chesterton might sum it up, Everything For Everybody–all brought to you by an all-powerful state operated by all-wise managers.

Is this a load of poop, or what?

Leftids, for the most part, don’t believe in God. But they want all the blessings God can give us, and look to receive them at the hands of government. That’s what makes it a religion. That’s what makes them tick.

You can’t appease them. You have to defeat them.


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