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Roy Moore for Senate

CNN Attacks Roy Moore Just Because He Shared My BarbWire Piece


In a report titled ‘Roy Moore’s Facebook page shared inflammatory memes, article praising Russia’s anti-gay laws,’ CNN (Cable News Network), one of most rabid left-wing, anti-conservative channels in the United States, sternly criticized the conservative contents of the Facebook page belonging to Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for US Senate in Alabama.

Among Moore’s Facebook posts hated by CNN the most highlighted was the BarbWire article “Conservative Russians Give Moral Lesson to Facebook’s Homosexual Propaganda,” written by me.

CNN said,

Moore’s Facebook page also shared an article from the religious conservative website in July 2015 with the headline, “Conservative Russians Give Moral Lesson to Facebook’s Homosexual Propaganda.” The article highlighted efforts by some Russians to counter a feature on Facebook that allowed users to overlay a rainbow over their profile picture.

“The strongest reaction came from conservative Russians who overlaid an image of the colors of their country’s flag — white, blue and red — over their profile picture,” the article read, adding that users also “countered the homosexual #LoveWins hashtag with #pridetobestraight and #pridetoberussian.”

The article also described Russia’s efforts to crack down on the LGBT community, including the country’s so-called “gay propaganda law,” as a “strong stance in defense of traditional family values.”

CNN added,

Moore shared an article in July 2015 that praised Russia’s anti-gay laws and Russians who opposed Facebook’s feature that allowed users to change their profile pictures to celebrate same-sex marriage:

I considered it a privilege to have a my conservative BarbWire article shared by Judge Roy Moore.

I considered it an even greater privilege to have my name connected with fine conservative leaders such as James Dobson and Chuck Norris, in the official list of endorsements of Moore.

As a conservative evangelical Christian, I am not surprised that CNN attacked Moore just because he shared one of my BarbWire articles.

After all, what expect from the Communist News Network?

Portuguese version of this article: CNN ataca Roy Moore só porque ele compartilhou meu artigo no portal conservador BarbWire


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