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Keith Urban Telling His Daughter About the Las Vegas Shooting

The recent Las Vegas shooting revealed a side of evil few had seen before and left many parents wondering how they would explain the tragic events to their children.

Keith Urban is one parent who confronted that question with his 9-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose.

The singer retold their conversation during a vigil for the victims at Ascend Amphitheater Monday night.

“Our 9-year-old, as I was driving her to school this morning, said to me, ‘Dad, you seem quiet,'” he told the audience. “I said, ‘Yeah, a lot of people were killed last night,’ and she said, ‘Did you know any of them?'”

That question didn’t make the conversation any easier.

“And I said, ‘Not that I know of.’ And she said, ‘Why do you look so sad?’ And I said, ‘First of all, these were innocent people horrifically taken, and secondly they’re like family,'” he continued. “It’s the one thing about country music that’s always been at the center of it and that it is community, it’s about community. And so I did know those people in that way.”

Urban concluded by saying he hopes his music will “be able to put some light into the world.”

Urban was joined at the vigil by fellow musicians, including Alison Krauss, Vince Gill and Amy Grant.

Report via CBN News


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