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Dinesh d’Souza Freedom Summit

Phoenix Freedom Summit, 2017


Saturday evening, September 30, 2017, Mesa, Arizona played host to the Phoenix Freedom Summit: The Battle for American Greatness. Outside the theater, the foyer was abuzz with Conservative chit-chat, tables filled with books, pro-America works of art, and other Conservative sundries. Senior Editor of, Chris Mills was there for the event, taking pictures and live-streaming of the conference.

The Freedom Summit featured Conservative headliners, Dinesh D’Souza, Mike Gallagher and Larry Elder, in the second panel, moderated by The Patriot 960-KKNT’s own Seth Leibsohn (who was announced he is running for Congress, Ninth District). Preceding this group was a four-man team moderated by Town Hall’s Guy Benson, featuring Caleb Howe of, Ed Morrissey from, Chris Buskirk co-host of the Seth and Chris Show on AM 960 The Patriot, with longtime friend, Seth Leibsohn, and a late addition to the Conservative festivities, Phoenix sportscaster cum Arizona Congressman, J. D. Hayworth, now with his own show on

The conference began with Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgomery, welcoming the audience and leading all in standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, he emphasized, One Nation Under God, as a complete phrase with no pause between the four words. He also said the only kneeling that would be tolerated during the event would for prayer. In between the panels, Kurt Altman  of Right on Crime,  spoke regarding criminal justice reform from a Conservative viewpoint.

Let me take a moment to thank Promotions and Marketing Director, Jean Laneri at 960 the Patriot for providing such good seats, with a great view of the stage, affording me a vantage, so as not miss a thing. My only complaints for (adding my two cents worth, and hoping it does not appear I am biting the hand of the one who arranged for the tickets) this Conservative meeting was, an invocation and benediction.  it would have behooved 960 the Patriot, the organizers of this Conservative smorgasbord, to have at least one local pastor or two, to begin and end in prayer. I say this considering I am sure, that many of those in attendance were Christians, myself included. The congregation, pardon me uh, the audience, were attentive, involved and clearly happy to be surrounded by others of like mind.

The first panel was lively and by in large answered succinctly, but it was J. D. Hayworth who seemed on fire as he explained the beginnings of the current immigration debacle and latest DACA decision by President Trump. Moderator Guy Benson, was in good form leading the attendees in many laughs, which was welcomed relief to such deeply, serious subjects which were tackled. Not only DACA, but the current anti-National Anthem and anti-American Flag demonstrations, were topics probed by the panel.

Panel number two, saw three great leading voices of Conservatism give their understanding to the same questions as the first, based upon their individual perspective and background. D’Souza, as always, was a fount of knowledge, Elder had more one-liners than Don Rickles (whom we miss) and Gallagher did not disappoint, displaying his special brand of pleasant-voiced asides.  All in all, it was a wonderful evening, leaving little on the plate of the Conservative agenda untouched. The Clinton’s, Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi, The Democratic Party of slavery, Jim Crow, and anti-equal-rights, D’Souza, Gallagher and Elder, wove a tapestry, which in the end gave insight to the constant attack Conservatism and this Nation has been under by the LEFT.

It was refreshing to hear so many voices in unison, both on stage and in the congregation, sorry, audience, offering their plaudits for the sage advice from the panelists and moderators, regarding the deep problems facing The United States of America.


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