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Leibsohn for Congress & Dinesh D’Souza Event Wrap-Up


MESA, ARIZONA , Saturday September 30th, 2017.

Arizona’s KKNT AM 960 The Patriot hosted a wonderful event on Saturday evening at the beautiful downtown Mesa Arts Center.

A star-studded panel of Conservative behemoths took the stage, most notably Dinesh D’Souza, Mike Gallagher, Larry Elder and Arizona’s J.D. Hayworth. Staff Writer Steve Williams was my companion for the evening and has already penned a complete synopsis of the event.

Perhaps the most poignant point of the entire evening, at least from the perspective of Arizona voters, was the announcement that 960’s own Seth Leibsohn has indeed decided to run for Congress in Arizona’s 9th District!

In Seth’s own words:

Rising drug overdose deaths, worsened racial relations, fewer health care choices, seemingly intractable immigration issues, more and more regulations and taxes, violent crime on the rise, an international scene dominated by the headlines of increased terrorism and nuclear threats by rogue regimes, and a political dialogue between the parties that has simply gone off the rails. This simply should not be life in America in the 21st Century.

My whole professional career has been focused on what I call the durables and not the distractions, the most important things in life—and that principles are much more important than politics. For the past twenty years I have dedicated my professional and personal life toward better and more positive social outcomes for our nation’s youth, and for all Americans’ greater economic opportunity and national security.

For the past twenty years, I have dedicated my life to promoting positive and common sense public policy solutions to the most critical issues facing our country. As the former Chief of Staffs to William J. Bennett, Jack Kemp, and Jeane Kirkpatrick at their think tank, Empower America, it has been an honor to learn from and work with Ronald Reagan’s greatest foot soldiers in foreign, economic, and domestic policy.

September 29th Official Press Release:

Today, author and radio host Seth Leibsohn announced he will run for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District bringing a fresh and dynamic voice to Arizona and national politics. Leibsohn, who was raised in Phoenix, is an experienced voice and writer in politics and public policy, having hosted several radio shows at the national and local levels and having led two of our nation’s premier conservative think tanks. He is also well known in Arizona for his volunteerism and work in substance abuse prevention, having chaired one of the state’s leading prevention organizations and as the recipient of an award for volunteerism in substance abuse prevention from the Arizona Capitol Times. As the Powerline Blog recently wrote of Leibsohn’s candidacy: “Seth combines a formidable conservative intellect with an extraordinary ability to communicate in writing and on the air.”

Today, Seth Leibsohn stated, “For the past twenty years I have dedicated my professional and personal life toward better and more positive social outcomes for our nation’s youth, and for all Americans’ greater economic opportunity and national security. I am excited and honored to now be asked to put my speaking and writing efforts into political practice, representing the district I grew up in as well as all Americans in the US House of Representatives. I promise an effort everyone who joins will be proud of and look forward to this most important of campaigns.”

Seth’s campaign chair, Debbie Moak, stated: “As a long-time friend of Seth’s I can attest to his character and integrity which will make him the most committed candidate for CD9. It is my honor to serve as his campaign chair.”

“Seth’s experience and commitment to common-sense conservative values makes him the ideal candidate in CD9. Given his background and the incredible experience of great leaders he has worked with, he is uniquely qualified to represent our district,” stated long-time political strategist Sean Noble.

Noble, who will be quarterbacking the campaign, continued: “Seth has a proven record of intelligence and familiarity with the daily issues that most affect our lives, whether it be in the areas of substance abuse, economic policy, or, for that matter, national security, and he is ready to argue and fight for Arizona with the intelligence and leadership these enduring difficult times require.”


Kirsten Sinema is currently Arizona’s 9th Congressional District Representative but has announced her intention to vacate her seat and challenge Arizona Senator Jeff Flake for his Senate seat.

Senator Flake has come under much scrutiny of late as he has proven to many staunch Arizona conservatives to be little more than a mini-John McCain and establishment shill. Senator Flake is also being primaried by Republican Kelli Ward, who, incidentally, lost to John McCain in 2016 due to a vicious smear campaign in which Senator McCain ridiculed and mocked Mrs. Ward and her Veteran Family. John McCain is rumored to have had full knowledge of his glioblastoma diagnosis at the time of said smear campaign.

They say it’s dry here in Arizona, but we clearly have our own swamp! Mr. Leibsohn and Mrs. Ward are our next best hopes for draining it.


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