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Iglesia Cristiana Templo Shalom Church

Iglesia Cristiana Templo Shalom

When Church Is No Longer Church: Church Hosts Gay Legislator And Illegal Alien Forum


Last weekend, I attended a church event in Long Beach, CA.

The church is located at 1120 East Market Street, Long Beach California, 90805. The name of the church is Iglesia Cristiana Templo Shalom. Indeed, there are plenty of churches throughout the Los Angeles Basin, many of which cater to local populations in their main language. It’s a welcome sight for more people to hear the Gospel and know Jesus Christ.

To be frank, actually, I did not attend a church event per se, as much as this early morning forum, hosted by a state senator and city councilman, took place at -this church. These kinds of political meetings are very common in churches, so that was not at issues. Elected officials often host town halls or information events in churches. They can provide large venues and a degree of sanctity to the events, and they are trusted locations where everyone can attend and be heard without fears of reprisal.

The subject matter and hosts of the event at Iglesia Cristiana exposed a growing rot within many of these buildings which call themselves “churches”. More of them have abandoned their calling to preach the word and teach all nations, opting instead for political agendas at all costs. In fact, more of them act more as centers to enact destructive, anti-American, anti-liberty, and I would submit anti-Christ agendas.

So, what happened at Iglesia Cristiana on September 30, 2017?

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Long Beach) wanted to host an illegal alien town hall and legal clinic to teach DACA recipients and their illegal alien friends and family members how to stay in the country. The set-up included attorneys from local legal clinics and law firms, all ready with flyers and packets to teach recipients how to avoid ICE or to assert one’s rights in case immigration enforcement officials arrived at one’s home.

All of this was happening in a church?

Such a meeting is patently illegal, immoral, and unethical. The brazen disregard which California’s elected officials have for the rule of law in general and the United States Constitution in particular is just staggering and so demeaning. One has to wonder how much longer individual citizens will tolerate houses of worship sheltering illegal aliens.

But that’s just part of the perversion.

Last year, I wrote a number of articles attacking Senator Ricardo Lara regarding his assault on the First Amendment. He had sponsored one piece of legislation, SB 1146, which would have pretty much shut down every Christian college in the state of California. Why? The bill targeted the Title IX exemptions which private colleges claim. For example, Christian education stresses the blessed differences of male and female. They expound on other key virtues of Biblical morality, including the sanctity of life, biological gender identity, and natural marriage.

Of course, these clear-cut, wholesome values are anathema to LGBT bigots like Ricardo Lara and their cultural marxist movement—all of which intends to undermine Judeo-Christian values. Lara was the tip of the spear to attack the Body of Christ in California along these moral fault lines. Fortunately, he was forced to back away from the most heinous portions of that bill, watering it down to a clear-cut reporting requirement for each college regarding their Title IX exemptions.

Despite Lara’s long list of hatred against the Body of Christ, this church invited him to host a forum! Oh, and did I forget to mention that Lara is openly gay, promotes the LGBT lifestyles, has frequently invited drag queens to his public events (including his Sacramento office)? Now you can see how alarming this event turned out to be.

Fortunately, We the People Rising arrived on scene to expose this corrupt event. With cameras and signs ready, we intended to petition our government for a redress of grievances, specifically the misuse of taxpayer funding within a church to promote illegal  immigration.

Withing thirty minutes, the staffers for the state senator packed up their staff and left the church, since they did not want to deal with angry constituents intent on bringing their illegal behavior to light.

But before I left, I also slammed the deacon of the church for allowing Ricardo Lara to speak at the church in the first place!


Reflecting on this latest outrage–and within a church no less–is it any surprise that more Christians are rejecting Church attendance? Their absence has nothing to do with their disregard for God’s love and His Body. It has everything to do with the absence of Biblical and moral authority in many of these so-called churches.

Instead of pandering to elected officials, church leaders should remember the calm assertiveness of Peter.

29 We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)



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